October 15th, 2016

Amazing Metal Gets!

Hello poke-people! so i just got a box with some new metal figures from my wants list *insert excited flailing*

here we go! i was lucky enough to get a Blue Lapas, a Silver Quagsire, a Light Blue Gyarados, a Gunmetal Manectric, a Gunmetal Shinx, a Medium Purple Haunter (the medium purple is lighter than the dark purple which can look almost black in pics), annnnd 3 new keshimon! Silver Flareon, Gold Venusaur, and Gold Nidoran M ^-^

Seeking Poliwhirl and Raikou!

Hi guys! I have just put out all my poliwhirl/raikou stuff on my shelves aaaaaand....it looks like I need more because it looks empty-ish. Anyway I wanted to ask, do you guys have any raikou/poliwhirl stuff lying around? I'm specifically looking for the Pokemon Center Poliwhirl plush as well as any other plush. Same with raikou, I'd love plush first...but I really want to see what anybody has with these guys.....I want my collection to look nicer before I show it off :)
pan sticker, Mightyena

Pokemon Championships SF 2016 gets + Photostory

Sorry for being delayed, normal procrastination and real life major event made this way late. Enjoy the photostory! Fun fact: watch the phone screenshots to see the battery level go down.

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In the car on the drive to San Francisco. I thought it would be cute to bring Poochy along, securely tied to my backpack strap with a real dog leash! :D

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Question for people who have playmats or play the card game, do you roll it up with the image side facing out or in? Currently it's rolled up image side in for storing inside the bag. I'm unsure if this is best for the long term, though.

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So far, Pokemon Worlds Championships 2017 is planned to be in Anaheim, California! Yeah! See you there, poke people!


Hello! :) I am new here, although I have been lurking without using my account for some time. i joined because really wanted to ask about this figure. I have been trying to identify this Oddish toy for some time now (pics below). I got him as part of a bundle from Y!A Japan. He has no identifiers other than the Japanese text about how to play with him, which while that narrows him down to likely being a prize toy of some kind from Japan, I just can't figure out where it's from. I suspected McDonald's but they always put the M somewhere on the packaging.................Has anyone ever seen this before?


Swords of Justice, come!

Ah! This is awesome!
Lookie who I have now!
It's my favorite Pokemon quartet! (the only Pokemon quartet?)
I'm a real fan of these guys, and during 3 or 4 years I got one by one, and now I have all of them! It just seems better as a group.
The first one I got was Cobalion in 2012. Since he was my favorite, I wanted to get him cause I had a new job at that point. He did cost $80 though, at the time the most I've paid for a Pokemon, and thankfully the ones I've gotten since aren't that expensive.
I then got Virizion at one point a year or so later, thanks somewhat to a little spurring on from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity, since she's one of the main characters there.
And of course I got Emolga, that game specifically made me fall in love with him.
I had wanted a Keldeo, but the only one I really liked was the Pokemon Cetner one cause it's real accurate and a good size. One day I found him on ebay, so of course I snatched him!

I didn't get Terrakion at first because he wasn't as high on my favorites list and I wanted the other ones, but I did want to get him at one point.
Well guess what, recently pepperzark had him for sale, and around the point that I was curious to ask around this site for him! So that worked out.
I got him just the other day, and now I have all four of the guys!