October 18th, 2016

Christmas searching!

Hello guys!

I was wondering if your could share your Christmas sales with me?
Since this year I'm living together with my boyfriend and we want a Pokemon tree, and in the house lots or Christmas ornament!
I already have some, but still searching for more!

Show me ! :D

(Also, does anyone have Pokeballs like this for sale? Or makes them?)


Noivern time

Updated sales

Long time no post!

I've been backing off of the pokemon collecting scene so I'm looking to re-home some of the stuff I've had sitting around(and give my dog some breathing room). Most things are priced as lots and preference will be given but I will take into consideration if you want to buy multiple things off of the same lot (e.g. like half the lot). Open to reasonable haggling as well! I have some non-pokemon things listed too if interested (mostly Fire Emblem).

Click the link or any of the pics to be transported to my sales! :)



grails no more!

about a year ago i bought the 2015 Pokemon Center Christmas pin along with several Pokemon Christmas metal charms so that i could decorate my mini Christmas tree. i had so much fun doing it that i decided to get more and more Pokemon Christmas things so that i could do a new tree next year and have it be bigger and better than before. i learned that there were other Christmas pins out there. one for every year Pokemon has been around all the way back to 1998. technically Pokemon has been around in Japan since 1996 but since 1998 was the first year that the Official Pokemon Center stores opened in Japan this is when the pins began. i learned pretty quickly that they were really hard to find and that there was a very real chance i would not be able to find them all. it wasn't until i joined this group and learned all about YJ from other memebers that i was able to start finding them. i can safely say i would've never gotten this far if it weren't for this group and the wonderful people in it.

and now, finally, after a year of searching through pages and pages on YJ, bidding on auctions at six in the morning and paying god nows what in YJ middleman service fees i've done it. with the addition of the 2009 Pokemon Center Christmas pin my set is officially complete. wooo! i can't tell you how happy i am to finally be done. i officially have no more grails left to find. what's great is that each Christmas i'll get a new pin to add to the collection. my goal is to get each one until i'm old and gray and then pass it on to someone else to keep it going. this project was meant to create a collection that could represent how long Pokemon has and always will be a part of my life with one pin representing each year that has gone by since i got Pokemon Blue on my Game Boy all those years ago and a life long passion was born. Pokemon reminds me every day to have fun and not take life so seriously and for those that can remain young at heart the journey will never truly end...

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Customs Clearance


Unfortunately my sewing/embroidery machine is in the shop for repairs so I can't offer commissions right away, but I do have several premade customs I've had up in my Etsy shop for long time that I'm temporarily discounting prices on in hopes of at least making back the cost of the materials I used to make them. Discounts are exclusive to this particular post for the near future, however the items will also remain on Etsy, where sales will be prioritized.

My pkmncollectors sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

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I also found two TOMY Cubones for sale and have added them to my regular Pokemon sales post! Click the image below to be redirected.

Chef, Charmeleon

Pokemon Hawaii Championship Deck Holder and Four Pokemon DS/3DS games for sale

My feedback -> http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/bacentrekkes/

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

I mail out from within the US, and it will usually take up to one week, two weeks tops (Usually mail on wednesday and saturdays only)

Price given will include shipping and materials.

Please be able to pay within 24 hours. Not open for trades right now.

Shipping can be combined with my other sales post

Other sales post -> http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21647816.html?thread=669314248

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Recent gets + selling Dittochu plush and custom shiny Rowlet slot

Hey! It's been a while since my last post, I've been super busy with school lately I'm afraid. I didn't get too much additions to my collections the past few months but I figured I'd share what I got anyways!

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In other news, the time has come for me to sell my rainbowbox Dittochu. Reserved


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And finally... with shiny Rowlet released, I'll be offering one slot for a custom shiny Rowlet plush, pokedoll style. This will be a minky plush featuring machine embroidery and applique, and I'll be using the same pattern as the normal one I made a while ago, but obviously with it's shiny colours Slot claimed.

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October Simplified Plush Commissions!

Hi friends!  I hope y'all are all doing well! :) I've been having a blast working on Poketober, as well as getting started at a new job. But enough about all that! let's get down to the exciting business! I hope you're all ready for some simplified plushies,  because I'm back again offering slots for y'all once again! Not sure if I will be able to offer slots in November, so snatch em up now!

Folks who requested to be tagged on this post : cosmicxlove, primalraikou, eboncharizard, latias_latios_7

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What are Simplified Plushies?
Simplified plush are 3 to 4 inch plush made from 2 sided patterns, with no elaborate stitch-work. They have many flat 1 sided pieces that are used for the more complicated details of the plush. They have plastic safety eyes instead of embroidered eyes. These plush will only be made of felt. For Aditional examples of simplified plushies click here
Each Simplified Plush will be $20 plus shipping and paypal fees
You can also add a pink or red bow, or a little bell for an additional $1
Payment is due for them in full when the plush is finished :)
You can request up to 2 plush per slot.

Slots Available

Slot 1 - latias_latios_7 -  Alain finished! , Mega Charizard X finished!
Slot 2 - faleepai -  Lycanroc Midnight finished! , Rockruff finished!
Slot 3 - deranged_girl -Nidoran Male finished!,  Nidoran Female finished!

Wait list

1. primalraikou- Raikou - finished!

Thank you so much everyone, for your continued support!


All slots are full and no one else will be added to the wait list thanks everyone!
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espeon/leafeon ebay lot

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on 10/20/15
-my feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mcmc11/

I've put a small lot of mostly espeon/leafeon items on ebay, includes kuttari plush and dex charms so if you are interested please have a look!


I'm also selling the espeon and leafeon pokemon time blind bag charms directly here, $14 + shipping each (paypal only). I can only ship to US addresses, sorry