October 19th, 2016

Cool Noivern

eBay lots

Hello again! I have 3 lots up on eBay including a large Reshiram/Zekrom one. I'm trying to clear old collections out before Sun and Moon's merchandise wave. No international buyers please! Shipping is already tooo expensive.
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Reshiram/Zekrom HUGE lot

Misc Lot #1

Misc Lot #2


Pokemoncenter.com Update 10/19/2016 : Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Ampharos, and Poliwhirl plush + more!

Hi again! Today we have several new additions on Pokemoncenter.com! Several new plush are up, as well as some new clothing and other misc items.

The images are direct links!

Jigglypuff, Psyduck standard plush ($12.99 each)

Ampharos, Poliwhirl standard plush ($12.99 each)

To see the clothing / misc items, click this pic! ( Eevee hoodie $69.95 each)

I'm glad I waited for these to show up, I was very tempted by all four plush when they came out in Japan! $12.99 each + free shipping is the way to go! The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese! lol

Thanks for looking, and have a great day/night! =)

Gets, Wants and Translating Help!

It's been absolutely ages since I last posted my gets on here! XD I've been very busy finishing off my Masters dissertation, but in that time I've managed to find some stunning and rare items for my main collections, and I'm super excited to share them! :D We'll start with the Absols! :)
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So those are my latest gets for now! :) I need to take some pictures of my side collections at some point (espeically my Zygarde 10% and Dittochu ones!) but I'm going to wait for the last few items to arrive before doing that.

Now for a quick want! Here is my applause plush collection:

I was only missing 2 when I took this photo: Zapdos and Ekans. I found a Zapdos and he's arrived safely, but I still need Ekans! Is anyone selling him? Please let me know if you are!

New gets and a Bootie Check!

Hi guys long time no see ヽ(*・ω・)ノ
I recently came back from a trip from Melbourne (Aus) and while i was there i found a huge Asian supermarket that had these goodies!Collapse )

I also came across a Build A Bear in the city and thought maybe ill just ask if they have any Eevee's in stock..and they did!
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Hes soo big and soft, definitely worth getting and the price too. (´ω`♡)

I found these Pokemon charms too but was a bit concerned about some of them being fake in the terms of their tags. I compared them to my official Eevee one on the right, the ones i got are on the left.
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The Nagano Pikachu strap says Eevee on the back which made me think it was a fake or just an error?

Also the Kyoto Meowth and Okinawa Pikachu here have no writing on the front or the back.
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The Tokyo Pikachu is the only one that has 'Pokemon Center' on the front and the right kanji for Tokyo. So i think this one has a possibility of being legit?
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If anyone could help me on this scooby doo mystery that would be great! (・ω<)☆

Thanks everyone mata ne! (´ω`)ノ゙

Wants List/Buying post!

Hey everyone. I'm a bit new so dunno if making a buying post is allowed but I couldn't find anything in the rules against it. I've gotten a lot of stuff from the sellers here but there's just a few stuff missing from my Gen1 Tomy collection!


Prefer to buy loose. If you have any of these and ship to Canada, please comment :)

Small quick sales!

Hello everyone! Im looking to sell off a few things real quick, mostly zukan as i haven't been into collecting them much lately.

Permission granted by Dakajojo in 2011.
Shipping is first class unless otherwise requested, will likely ship next monday or tuesday at the earliest.
Everything goes in bubble mailers unless otherwise requested.
First inquiry either quote or commitment gets priority.
Holds are fine, just ask and do keep me posted.
No haggling, sorry!
PayPal only please.
***NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AT THIS TIME. Sorry, i just don't have the time to go have everything weighed right now to be able to provide accurate quotes.
EDIT: Here's a quick link to my last sales as well, nothing ended up on ebay yet as I'm incredibly lazy so this time it's last chance for reals. boop boop

Now, here we go!
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And a quick belated get! I found these two cuties recently and am absolutely in love. Pls more umbreons <3

Kororin friends and ditto umbry! Usually referred to as "marshmallow friend" and *soft devious giggling* respectively.
ღ Pokémon // Maxie

Secret Teams pins are here!

The pins from my Secret Teams villain pin group buy have arrived!

They're really lovely! The quality is nicer than I expected - the reason I didn't claim the regular Team Magma pin was because I had the previous release of one from the ORAS release, and foolishly assumed they'd be the same. Nope. These are a lot thicker and nicer quality!

I did an unboxing video for them, too! It's really fun opening blind boxes, I should do group buys like this more often...

Shipping totals for everyone who claimed them is under the cut.

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Mini Poké Dolls

I've noticed a few sales posts in the last week or so that have posted mini Poké dolls for sale listing that they are tush tag only. I'd just like to note that if these are mythical poké dolls they are most likely from the 2013 Poké Doll House and actually never had hang tags.

The Doll House itself which is the box they are housed in, has images of their hang tags printed on the bottom but the plush themselves don't have them.

So don't discredit yourself or your product on that basis!

Collection Weeding Sales

Hey everyone! Long time no see!

I took a break from collecting Pokemon merch for a few months, and decided to cut back on a few of my collections. Plus I wanted to start saving up for some 7th gen Pokemon collections whenever my faves get merch! ;w;

Anyways my sales post can be found here!

I'm hoping to start posting more often once Sun and Moon come out, but until next time! Before I go, here is a recent picture of my perfume bird collection to make things less boring!! ;o;