October 23rd, 2016

by pikabulbachu

Difference between Lottery and Regular MonCollé Shiny Mega Gengar figures ?

Hello everyone,
Once again it's not a gets post >< But I'll probably make it very soon o/

So this time I have a question for those who own both Takara Tomy Moncollé White Mega Gengar figures:
the 2011 Lottery one and the 2016 regular version.

Since the announcement of a regular release of Shiny Mega Gengar MC figure, I've been wondering if there would be a difference with the Lottery one. And today I finally decided to check that.
Like I thought, there is no difference on the design. However, I noticed a slight difference on the colour (even if the picture doesn't show it well lol). Indeed, the Lottery version is whiter. I would say that it's a "pure white" for the Lottery one (left) whereas it's more "off-white" for the 2016 version (right).
Thus, I wanted to know if people who own both have also noticed this colour difference or if it's only a random paint difference (you have to check at daylight).

Thank you for your help and see you soon :)

So ummmm what happened to Target's TCG stock?

I know this can't be the only area effected! I know when bridging the gaps between gens, stock does kind of drop as stores figure out new planograms etc., but this is kinda crazy!

About a month ago, my two local Targets restocked with a ton of blisters, boxsets, you name it!Some were even a little older to clear out backstock. And now? Well, although I haven't had time to check out other Targets in the area, both the card section and the toy section in the back wall are EMPTY of any Pokemon cards!! Like, there's a HUGE gap, and may have one or two things left over, but that's it! Sucks, cause I have some gift cards I was wanting to use on them, and nothing now (I guess I can get them off the website...) With Walmart in my area to stop stocking cards altogether, Target has ALWAYS been my go-to place, always up-to-date and everything with cards! TONS of stuff have been coming out in the past couple weeks, and yet nothing there! TRU I know always has cards in stock, but those profit margins with selling everything $5-10 above their normal MSRP... it stinks :/ What is also interesting, is even PokemonCenter has been slow on stocking all the new stuff, too. Didn't even know that the Mega Beedrill set has been out for a bit, or the blister packs that come with the legendary bird pins. Doesn't help that both Bulbapedia and PokeBeach are not up-to-date with their TCG "recent release/coming soon" listings :/ I feel so out of the loop!

Anyone, maybe that works at Target know what's going on with the section? I'm guessing that since it sounds really unlikely that they actually sold through ALL that stock, is that they sent them off to get liquidated before the new gen hits, and aren't really restocking until then :/ But that's just a best guess! Anyone else have something similar in their areas? 

Looking for big Zekrom figure!

Hey guys :)

I've been meaning to get a Zekrom DX large figure to go along with my Reshiram and Zekrom but haven't had much luck. Been hounding the sales posts here but don't think I've ever even seen one. So I decided to make this post in case anyone can help me out! If you're selling one please let me know

Thanks for reading ^^

Sales - Prices reduced, everything negotiable! Everything must go!

I have a couple of huge lots coming in from Japan and need to make as much space as possible. Prices are also OBO, so please feel free to haggle. Please be aware that I do not consider hagglnig a commitment, even if you use the word "commited" in your comment!

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***Please note that I have a $5 minimum for non-flats!***
Now for the stuff...
Pokemon Center Type Selection Fairy Pouch - $35 OBO


Pokedoll Merchandise
For Sale
-Corphish, Blaziken (both used and have tarnish stains) $45 each OBO
-Bonsly $15 OBO
Rare Shimmery/Glittery Stamp Pins: Whimsicott, Minccino - $20 OBO
Chimchar Keychain - $15 OBO
Shaymin Figure Charm (*USED, has many paint rubs) - $12 OBO
Can Badges
Mudkip - $30
Plusle & Minun Set - $30

*Squirtle and Cyndaquil Can Badges are trade only, for other Pokedoll can badges. Will trade Plusle and Minun as a set, 2:1 for a can badge I don't have. See wants here.

Misc. & Flats

Squishy Foam Keychains: Pikachu, Snivy - $2 each

Pan Stickers - $.50 shipping as a flat (*please note that I can ship several together but if you purchase enough stickers, I may not be able to ship them as a flat, and will charge $3 for a parcel)
Pricing scale as follows:
1 for $1
6 for $5
15 for $10


Sales update and mystery Pichu plush!

Hi everyone! I bring another sales update, this time including cards, figures and books! Please have a look :D

Sales permission granted by areica96 on 1/08/15, and here is my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/miss_minccino/

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Here's my permanent sales post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19823691.html
And I'm still offering the service in which all you need to do is tell me what pokemon / items you're looking for, and I'll have a search through my stuff and respond with a photo! :D I have loads of stuff, cards, figures, plushes, flats , pogs, tretta etc. Just let me know what you're looking for! I'm more than happy to help! I'm also willing to trade, so link me to your trades posts!

And finally, here's the mystery Pichu I need help identifying:

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Thanks for reading! I think my next post will be one of my collection because it's about time I show off all my stuff :D

New sales~

Good afternoon everyone! I'm hoping to make another account here soon so I can really post some collection pics, it's just the darn picture memory here keeps runing out and it makes it difficult to do so :/ that aside, I'm posting some new sales, all obo except the flats :)

I was granted sales permission 6-11-14 by Allinia


I ship from the US and can only ship within at this time :( middlemaning is fine

My home is smoke free and bed bug free :)

I can be a little slow with shipping but promise to keep you updated, I'm working mostly nights so odds are I can ship within the next day of ordering ^^

And a new perk about my sales is 15% of my profits will be donated to a charity :3 right now I'm considering the local humane society :D

Please feel free to ask questions!

Glameow is $15 tto but has head string
Purlion is $11 the headstring fell off while in my possession but is 100% legit
Both pikachus are $25 mwt

Mini arcues lot is $6, but I'm very willing to trade for another tcg pin!! :3

The sun and moon ad is $1
The mini legends poster is $1
Dice is $5
Mini black and white card binder is $3
Pikachu ichiban kuji Keychain is $9 I'm not 100% sure where the box for it is

Thanks so much guys! ^^ collect on~

Hello Everyone! (An Introduction post)

  Hello! I'm Sabrina! I've always wanted to join this community, and I'm glad that I finally decided to. I've been playing Pokemon for about 12 years (My first game was FireRed/LeafGreen). Plushies have always been a passion of mine when I was younger I collected a few Pokemon plush here and there, but in the last 2 years or so I've gotten very serious about collecting! I also have a giant TCG collection that I'll post about at some point ;v;. My absolute favourite Pokemon are Sylveon and Leafeon. Pics of my plush collection under the cut!Collapse )
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Nidoran Line - before Painting + Wants list + Pokemon shuffle friends :P

Hi !
So As i said in previous posts . i finished from making the Nidoran line ..and this is the post before painting :)
i hope you will like it and I need to see your comments and ideas about it :)

before going to Nido family , if you missed my post for Tyrantrum i included a picture in the cut

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And now let is go to the main story
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I also updated my want list again :) some still not obtained . so i hope you will visit the link below


and last thing , do you play Pokemon shuffle??? i love this game (i am playing on mobile)
If you intrested i would add you in the game so leave your code in the comments
my friend code P5ZM - UTQZ

And thats all :)

thank you for viwing my post i do appreceate your comments and chatting with me
have a greate pokeday all :)

Another introductory post? :o

What's up? I'm Zelda, or TheQueenZelda since just Zelda was taken.
I'm obviously a huge Legend of Zelda fan but I'm also a huge Pokemon fan.
I didn't start collecting until about six years ago, and I mainly collect only plush items really. I love cute, huggable, soft plushies.

My favorite Pokemon of all time is probably Eevee, along with all of its evolutions. I am also obsessed with Zorua, Fennekin, Litten, and Rockruff. So if you haven't guessed yet I collect plush of Pokemon that I find the most cute. I have no Rockruff plush yet but it won't be long before it joins my collection.

Despite Sun and Moon not quite being released yet I already have three different Litten plush. One is the regular size PC version, another is the life size PC version, and finally the last one is custom made by the very talented Soukri.

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My collection will continue to expand and I will probably be forced to make space at some point. I also own several boxed Vocaloids but since that's not really related to Pokemon in any way and I keep them in a cabinet, I chose not to post pictures of them. But I always can if anybody would ever like to see my Vocaloid boxes.

I look forward to the time I will be spending here. Thank you all and I hope we can be good friends!~ :)
Sir Aaron Lucario

Im back, updating sales post soon.

Sales Post (Small)

Hi, its been awhile! Sorry I havent been active due to school and work but I am looking to downsize my Lucario collection by a significant amount. Even though my collection website hasnt been updated in a long time, it has a majority of my collection items, if you are interested in anything, feel free to contact me, otherwise I will slowly weed out items and post them in my sales post soon. I do not plan to sell any of the plushies though. I have enjoyed the time I spent here with the community and continue to stay and lurk around~ Im still holding onto and collecting the plushies, TCG cards, clearfiles, and certain unique items. Thank you!

Con Gets!!!

Hello all!

It's been a little while since I've last posted. I've still been going on the community every day, but haven't had the time to post. I have a TON of new gets to show you. I also have to update my sales post. For now, I will show you what I got at my local comic con today. It was my first time going to a comic con, and I was surprised to see a good amount of Pokémon merch there! Gets below the cut.

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I also got a few other cute items, I figured I would place them under a separate cut since they're not Pokémon related :P

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Thanks for reading!! I had a great time at the con. Hopefully I will be able to put my collection update post together soon, as well as updating my sales post. Look for that maybe on Wednesday!