October 26th, 2016

Pokemoncenter.com Update 10/26/2016 : Costume Pikachu plush: Substitute, Ho-oh, Lugia, M-Rayquaza

Hi! I'm back with a quick Pokemoncenter.com update! Today we have Gen 7 starter plush..... err I mean more cosplay Pikachu plush, including the Substitute Pikachu plush!

The images are direct links!

Substitute Pikachu: standard size plush ($19.99 each), keychain plush ($12.99 each)

Substitute card case ($12.99 each)

Costume Pikachu standard size: ($17.99 each), keychain plush ($9.99 each)

So... what do you think? Excited for more costume Pikachu plush? Or are you ready for the Sun/Moon plush to start showing up?

Thanks for looking, and have a great day/night! =)

Sales Update!

Hi hi i have been in school so i havent been able to open my shop but i am going home next week! so yay! I have added some items so please check it out! :)

here is a preview of what i have in stock!

Click on any of the images or HERE to be transported to my store! 
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Hi again, everybody!
How are you?

I just received in the mail several packages, including these two Bulbasaur.

I ask you to help me identify these Bulbasaur because they belong to two very common collections but I'm doubting!!!

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I need help and identify whether these two plushies are real, please!

Thank you very much to all! Regards :)
Adorable Killua

Wanted: Wailord

Tomorrow I get paid and get my first bonus for switching to night shift to help for three months so I would like to complete some wailord wants!

I'm desperately after the DX wailord pokedoll! Please if you have one to sell, let me know! I've passed up the deflated looking one that has been on y!japan because I really don't want to settle!

Also, I'm looking to complete my metal collection (although I'm still waiting for the metals from the large metal GAs) but once I receive them I only need:

See a full list of my wants here: http://doryspkmncollection.weebly.com/wants.html

Anyway, thanks for looking! I will be working on a massive collection update come mid November when I took time off before the holidays!
Kura pokedoll


I first joined Pkmncollectors quite a few years ago, back in August/September 2009. I did make an introduction post back then but alot of the members I recognized back then are either inactive in the community, or no longer around. (With some exceptions) So I thought, well maybe its time to make an re-introduction post.

I used to post collection update posts but I haven't done that in a few years. I might start trying to do it again periodically, or I may not I haven't decided yet. I mainly just makes sales posts here lately but I read entries/comments on the community almost every day! I still collect as much as I did back in the day, but i've decided to be a little less impulsive about what i'm buying.

So who am I outside of collecting? I am a 22 year old female living in Northern Virginia,not too far outside of Washington DC. I still live at home, where I have two pet birds (a sun conure and quaker) and one dog (a corgi/pomeranian mix). I am in the furry fandom and my fursona/OC is a slightly altered looking Mightyena named Kura (pronounced "Cure-a") who is who you see in all of the icons that I use on LJ. I love nature/animals and enjoy anime/manga but I also enjoy western animation and art in general. I like music as well.

Outside of Pokemon I have a large collection of animal plushies and figures, who you can see parts of over on my one Deviantart account:

My Main collection is Poochyena and Mightyena, I would like to someday have all of the items of them- or atleast all the things that aren't flats. So far, i've done pretty good! But I am missing a few items even after all these years.

My Side Collections are Eevee & the Eeveeloutions, Oshawott, Dewott & Samurott and Rockruff & Lycanroc (I don't have anything for this collection just yet). My retired side collections are N, Swadloon and Unown. (I still have a few items of all three of these guys none the less.)

Aside from that I just collect plush/figures in general! I really like the canine and feline pokemon. I also aim to own all of the sleeping versions of the Kuttari plush,which as of now I have been sucessful with! There are some awake versions I would still like someday but I haven't bought them just yet. (If anyone has an awake Sylveon for sale do let me know, I would prefer to pay with paypal so this is why I haven't ordered it from the Pokemon Center website.)


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That's all I can think to really say for now but I figured it was time to finally make this post, I have been thinking about making this for awhile. It's been really nice being a member here.
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Desk Helpers claims reminder! ^-^

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick reminder about my claims for Desk Helpers figs ^-^
All claims that are already in are going to be fulfilled and I should be able to get a couple more figs so if you'd like any of these just comment here or on the original claims post!

Alrighty guys, I'm closing the claims now :D
The only figs that are still available are:

3 x Pikachu ($6/ each)
2 x Squirtle ($6/ each)

I should have these figures in hand within 7-10 days :)

CLICK HERE, or on the pic to be transported ^-^

Btw I have a question, does anyone heard recently from absol and wobbuwhit? I tried to contact them for about three weeks now with no success u_u

Btw I have shipped almost all packages from my last sales, the last ones will be shipped before the weekend! ^o^

Thanks for looking guys, have a great day!

Starters and Shinies!!! :D

Hi everybody! ^-^

I'm here with some quick new gets!

Away we go!

So, after much calling around, and being told that the release date was actually November 1st, I basically gave up finding the Alola Starters early, until I remembered one sole, lonely Gamestop outpost about 20 minutes away. I hazarded a call, and was told that they were indeed already selling the starter plushies!
So, I headed over immediately, and arrived to find the store's doors locked! The sign said the register had crashed minutes before!!! ;-;

So, i waited for about 5 minutes, and looked up to see the cashier reopening, and I swooped in for the trio!

So, the first thing I noticed- the size! These are BIG fellas! Like... roughly 7-9 inches!!! They dwarf my normal size pokedolls!
And they're so soft! I love rowlet, but popplio is a close second, I was very surprised!!!

Now... onto the big surprise!

It's no secret that I collect shinies... but I saw a very strange Garchomp tomy on ebay for $7, and took a chance. Well, he came in today, and am I glad I did!

He's the one on the right :3
He has some minor paint loss, but all in all, for $7, I couldn't go wrong!!!
I was so geeked, and so glad I took that chance!!! :)

Thanks for reading :)

~ Ebon

Korean Booster Box Opening Livestream!

Hi, Everyone!

Tonight, I will be opening this booster box via Livestream -
Update: Due to technical difficulties, I had to cancel the Livestream. Sorry to everyone that wanted to watch. :( I did open two packs and find out that all the cards aren't RH, so...I guess it's just a combination of XY9/10. Anyway! I'll try to post pics of the cards later in case anyone is interested in any.


Any Umbreon cards are already claimed and I most likely be keeping one of each card, but if you see anything you're interested in during the Livestream or know of cards from XY9 or XY10 that you would be interested in, please comment on this post and I will let you know if I have any available. ^^


Is anyone going to the Toys r Us event on Sunday and is willing to pickup one of the Charmander promo cards for me? I'm not sure I'm going to be able to make it to the store that day. O:

Also, I"m still looking for an English Tangela Toys-R-Us 20th Anniversary promo card and some of the UK GAME stamped Anniversary Promo cards (in French and English).


For everyone waiting on replies from me - I'm back from my road trip (much Pokemon Go was played while in Tennessee and Georgia!), but I've extended my vacation to spend time with family for a week. So I will be replying the week of October 31st.


Partial Collection update and updated wants!

Hello poke-people.. so i decided to share a pic of my current keshimon collection(minus the 5 im waiting on from the big metal GA's) and also mention an update to my wants list! As always there are many many metal figs im after but i also very much want more keshimon! So if you have any for sale/trade please let me know.. also if you have any pics of your keshimon id love to see them.. im trying to gather pics of all of them

link to wants(at the end)- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20436261.html