October 27th, 2016


Pokemon Sun & Moon - October 27th Official Release

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October 18th Leaks *SPOILERS!*

Annnddd now we have official reveals of the final starter evolutions, along with the pokemon league, island guardians and some familiar faces making an appearance!

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Seeking DPPt Retsuden Stamps!

I know it's a bit of a longshot, but if anyone is selling DPPt Retsuden stamps of: snover, abomasnow, blue shellos/gastrodon, drifloon, drifblim, mismagius... I have a long list if you have any just let me know and I may be interested!

I've been searching for some of these for a long time and would really like to own some!

I'm also interested in some of the small metal figures from DPPt as well!

Cheers! I'll hopefully be around with an updated sales sometime soon. 

Mimikyu merch?

Hiya! I'm quite excited for all the new Pokémon and what merch they might have, but one on particular I would love to collect for is Mimikyu! I've seen a few items already for the lil cutie but does anyone else know if there has been any other merch for it? I hope it does get more since it seems to be very popular already! <3

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alola starter plushies

have they released the 1:1 starter plushies yet? I found one on ebay and the conparison shot to the 1:1 20th anniversary squirtle looked pretty real but the seller is in shanghai so i was skeptical. its just the pokemon center plushies out so far? any pokedoll news? I want all the Popplio plushes
dedenne 3

Quick Re-Intro and Massive Plush Collection Sales

Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I've posted here, so I thought I'd do a quick re-intro before getting to the sales. My name is Nicole, and my primary collections are the Bulbasaur line and Dedenne. I joined this lovely community in Jan/Feb of 2013, but I've had to take a bit of a break from collecting due to grad school/life for the past year or so. I'm moving across the country in Janaury, and while I'll still be keeping everything from my primary collections and most side collections, I'm needing to do a lot of weeding of everything else (sad face). But that will allow me to return to my love of my main and small side collections :D.

Moving onto the sales - the link to my sales post can be found by clicking the links below! These are just the beginnings of my weedings...I'm starting with my accessible plush, but since I have more in storage, look out for future updated posts. :D I have plush from the first 6 gens, ranging in price and rarity! (The pics only show some of what I have for sale, not nearly all.)

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Click any of the pictures above to head to my sales! Thanks for looking!

Need help with price check c:

Hello fellow collectors!

Does anyone knows how much this Ichiban Kuji Sylveon plush is currently?

I've been dying to get one and I saw a seller selling for USD$60 including shipping, is the pricing decent?
Please advice :D
If you do own one, please do tell me how much you've bought for! (if you don't mind) ^-^
I really appreciate all the help! ^u^

Also, are there any collectors from Malaysia?

Thanks in advanced!