October 29th, 2016

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Genesect 20th anniversary plush

Hi everyone!

I haven't been active on here for ages, but some new genesect stuff is coming out so i came by to ask a question:

Does anyone know any trustworthy UK website/site that delivers to the UK where i can buy or pre-order the 20th anniversary genesect plush? Or alternatively, is anyone on the comm doing pickups for this plush?

I'd like to not have to resort to ebay if i'm able, partly to avoid fakes and partly because ouch, those prices!

Thanks guys! <3
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More weeding sales!

Hi there! I put some more items in my sales, including sealed booster packs and a Pokemon kana clearfile, and lowered some prices. I'd love to clear out as much as possible, and will probably resort to some ebay lots next weekend since I need most of this stuff gone :'c Anyways, thank you for looking!

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Halloween Clearance sale~ 1 week only

Hi I'm back!
I am hosting a one week only clearance sale on my items, a flat rate for $35 each item!
Ive got new stuff coming in, finishing new plushies and making more.
I also will make a new gets post soon.♡

Rules first;
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Any questions feel free to contact me! :D
☆I am also open to trading for items in my wants list!☆
Especially any pokedolls.

Just a few more Jakks! (Wants)

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a good Saturday.
Roughly 2 years ago, I started a journey to collect all the Pokemon Jakks figures. I used to have a ton of them when they first came out in the years of 2007-2009, but I lost a lot of them due to a tragic event. My Journey is almost complete though! I am only missing 8 figures, and I am closer than ever. If you have any of these or know someone with them let me know! I don't mind the figure with light marks, but nothing too major. And now onto my list of figures I am missing:
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A couple of plush "wants"

Hey guys, I've got just a few wanted plushies on my radar and thought I'd try my luck here before I resort to taking my chances on ebay -_-

I'm looking for:

1. Pokemon Center Minccino plush (the 2010 Black and White one)
2. Pokemon Center Emolga plush (also the Black and White one)
3. The 2015 Pokemon Center Dragonair plush

I'm not at all picky about whether or not they still have their hang tags, but I would like for them to be in nice/clean/unplayed with condition. Thanks very much!