November 2nd, 2016

Lots of New Gets!

Hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween! Mimikyu went out trick or treating!

My husband and I actually made this little guy out of baking clay and I made him a cute halloween bag! ^3^

So I have got loads of pokemon merch flooding in! Wanted to come here and share pictures of them! ^-^ I've got to say, this place is super addictive and so stress relieving looking at all of these drool-worthy brag posts every day! I just cant get enough collection eye candy here! I will be active the next couple days posting fun pictures, I have lots of stuff coming from across both big ponds!


[New Stuff!]

I got a long-time grail in my mailbox! It's the 2009 Lapras Pokedoll! A long time ago I almost bought him at Epcot when HGSS came out and now I can stop kicking myself regretting not buying him! I paid only $20 for him because his hang tag is missing but he is so so sooo perfect just as he is!

I meant to post this here yesterday, but I was exhausted from working (I was called-in overnight because a surprise large truck arrived!) but yesterday I found the Genesect plush at my Gamestop as well as a lot more of the other Pokemon Center Plush and Evolutions booster packs!

Original 1999 on left, 2016 reprint on right.

ONE more toy and plush left and I'm finished with collecting the LE metallic anniversary toys! *insert party noisemaker sound here*

HIbiki-Cool Guy

Snow Season Charms

Hey, I still have some charms unclaimed from the Snow Season set. I would really like to fill these up! :) I think they are all pretty cute!
They are $8.00 each before shipping.
Shipping starts at $3.50
2. pmxellos
3. kyreon

Flareon + Piplup:
2. lone_enigma


Sylveon+ Cubchoo:
1. slothyshroom
2. chaos_21
3. kyreon

1. viaticvenusaur

Bulbasaur+ Smoochum:
1. deranged_girl
2. viaticvenusaur

3. kyreon

Ducklett+ Swablu:
2. tagami_yami
3. flag

2. kyreon

Secret Snow Pikachu $10
2. herar
3. Friend bought

As always you can combine with my sales here:

xmas charms claims are here:

Sales permission granted by areica96
-I ship from Japan.
-Please express clear commitment to secure a slot.
-I can also combine items with items from my own personal sales

-Please pay for items quickly after I ask for payment!

Feedback :

-Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
-Please pay in 24 hours after final quote
-Please let me know if you want tracking added for $4.10. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for -EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
-I can't be held responsible for lost items if you did not pay for tracing or insurance.
-I will ship within 4-7 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
-Prices stated do not include shipping or fees. Please ask for a shipping quote.
-Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!

Youmacon 2016 Meetup + a question!!!

Hello everybody!

For anyone in the metro Detroit region, Youmacon is this Thursday through Sunday!
So, apart from all the great pokemon merch that's always there, I was hoping to see if any members were planning on being there on Friday? And if so, would any of you want to meet up? :)
(Tagging all the michigan Members I know of, regardless of days we're going, or if you may not be going- neutralemotions, legendaryluna, kuro_kage_kun)

Secondly, my question. Regarding the latest batch of candy figures (shiny gardevoir, shiny mega gardevoir, volcanion, etc.)- has anyone noticed if the same figure tends to come in the same pokeball each time?
(Tagging ku_bek in case they might know)

Thanks everyone!
Hope to meet some of you soon :)

Adorable Killua

Alolan Starter Trainer Size Plush, US v JP Litten PC Plush, and LF Litten Trainer Size JP Version

So the Trainer Size Alolan Starters are available to buy on the site, for the low low price of only $49.99 plus tax, so I went and ordered my Litten (along with something else to get the damn free shipping, DAMN YOU ONE CENT!!!!) Also, the standard size plush that have been available at gamestop are up on as well for $14.99

Here they are in all their Glory! I linked the photos to the site so you can click to order!

As far as the Standard Size goes, I haven't seen anyone compare JP to US releases yet so...
Here's a comparison of the US Litten to the JP Litten:
Collapse )

Anyway, is there a japanese release out already? Is anyone doing pick ups for these babies???

I'm also looking to see if anyone is doing pick ups/pre orders for the Takara Tomy Litten Plush that will release the 18th with Sun/Moon
red genesect movie

Searching for coins!

Hello everyone!

I've been getting back into collecting genesect because of this month's 20th anniversary releases,  and i've found that there are some TCG coins i'm missing. Any help in finding these guys is appreciated!

I'm specifically looking for the genesect coins from:

1. Solar strike (oval holo)
2. The Korean master guide #3 (confetti holo)
3. XY dragon blisters (cracked ice holo)
4. Furious fists (purple cracked ice holo).

All the images are here (just ctrl+f genesect) for reference.

I'm also still looking for gold, bronze and copper genesect metal collection coins.

As a side note: does anyone know if they ever released GAME/Gamestop exclusive figures for genesect? It's just a bit weird that its the only 'mon who missed out, and i can't find any info about it =/ Thanks guys! <3

Exciting news +wants +sale update

I THINK IT'S FINALLY READY (let me know if this post isn't allowed, I'm not totally sure)

Anyone (especially non-US people) will now be able to order from the US Pokemon Center Online store anytime from me :D
All the rules/sale permission/etc is listed on the page~

Anything ordered from the PokeCen can also be combined with items from my sales posts :>


It's a carbink metal charm that was released during the diancie movie and I have yet to find it anywhere ;;;; if anyone has one for sale or can point me in the direction into finding one I would super appreciate it <3

Thanks so much!