November 9th, 2016

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Weeding sales!

I've put it off for a REALLY long time, but with some ~grails~ coming in the mail and the strong possibility of moving soon, I finally got enough motivation to get off my butt and make a sales post!  I've got a couple of pokedolls for straight sale as well as some older pokedolls up for offers, such as a Flareon pokedoll that's been signed by Junichi Masuda, a Metagross pokedoll, and a Raichu pokedoll that still has all of its tags!  I also have a lot of cute Pokemon Time stickers, some items that were exclusive to the Japanese ORAS preorder, and plenty of keychains/straps/charms.

Please click the image to go to my sales post!  Please also read the sales guidelines carefully as they contain important information about shipping! Thank you!

I was given sales permission by denkimouse in October of 2010, and my feedback can be found here.

Gamestop Gets

Well I go to Gamestop one day and I run into these guys. After going to Pokemon Worlds back in August and getting some Pokemon Center plushies and other merchanise, I was so glad to see these guys in the store. As it turns out, that day I walked in ended being the day they LITERALLY JUST GOT the shipment of the plushies, and I knew I should have got them while I could. So here are the ones I got. :) <3

2014 US Pokemon Center Charmander Plush

Charmander is amazing and I love him sooo much. I've still wanted to get the LIFE SIZE 1:1 Charmander but this one still works. It's soooo cute and well designed; glad he has joined my growing collection.

2014 US Pokemon Center Squirtle Plush

Finally got myself a Squirtle plush after so long. Like Charmander, I would have loved the LIFE SIZE Squirtle as well but I can wait for it. I have loved Squirtle ever since I first saw him in Season 1 with The Squirtle Squad. This plush is so adorable; great addition for my collection.

2014 US Pokemon Center Bulbasaur Plush

I got this guy the day after I got Squirtle and Charmander. I was going to wait to get him but I decided I might as well complete the Kanto trio. Squirtle and Charmander need their buddy Bulbasaur with them. :D <3 Bulbasaur is my least favorite of the three Kanto starters, despite me loving all three dearly, hence why it was hard to pick one of these three back when Pokemon Red came out. Anyway, to the plush, it is a great quality plush. Really well designed and super cute too. :D <3

2016 US Pokemon Center Popplio Plush

One of the recent gets I got from Gamestop; I found it on the first day they got a new shipment of new things.Well Sun/Moon is already around the corner; unbelievable right?!?! Time just goes so fast and it never ceases to amazes me. Anyway, back to the plush. Ever since I saw the starters, Popplio was my #1 pic and after the three starters full evolutions have been revealed he still is going to be my pick when I start playing Sun/Moon. As much as I like the final evolution of Litten, even when Litten was my least fave upon reveal of the starters, Popplio is a freaking baby sea lion and those are adorable as f***. The Pokemon Center never fails to disappoint me with these plushies. Sooo well designed and cute and Popplio is no exception. A super adorable plush. <3 <3

Plushies I want made and I want to buy [Alola Region]
Jangmo-o ----> Hakamo-o ----> Kommo-o
Sitting Kura Icon

Autumn Outdoor Photoshoot :D

A few years ago I used to take pictures of some of my pokemon and animal figures outdoors. I haven't done it in quite awhile now but today I decided to do it again, since things have been kind of stressful on TV/Social Media in the US today.

I took these photos  in a wooded area behind my house. It's a path but I don't see other people back there much.


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New stock!

I didn't see anyone post this, so.....


There was other new stuff, too, but I can't stop hyper-ventilating so I can't seem to scroll down further. o3o

Now excuse me while I go sell my soul for $150 so I can get Articuno, Ho-oh, and Lugia.

EDIT: The prices are the same as the original Japanese-release. These aren't in-house creations, so the prices most likely reflect the royalties that need to be paid to the studio that made them. 
Adorable Killua

Tomy Figure Restoration

So I ordered a bunch of cheap tomys from kuitsuko of tomys I didn't have, and the one that stood out to me was Sharpedo. He didn't look in too terrible of condition even though he was listed to be as such, but when I got him, I realized why he was so cheap.

Click to enlarge :3

Anyway, I like a challenge and a good restoration. I need so badly to buy new paint and customize some Entei still, but I have the nice figure paint I used for my F4F restorations that I decided to use on Sharpedo here.
I also had to do a few touch ups on my clear plusle and minun but they were easy.

Click to enlarge :3

So....what did he look like after I was done with him???
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Thanks for looking! If you're interested in giving this newly freshened Sharpedo a home, he's for sale on eBay HERE starting at the low price of $10! :D

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10th series of Pokemon Time!

Hello guys,

today the new, 10th series of Pokemon Time merch has been announced!

New series focus on Male and Female Pikachu (deranged_girl!) as well as on Kanto starters!

Check the cut for pics of new merch :)
Release date of these is 18th November ^-^

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What do you guys think? I don't really know what to think about this new fabric to be honest :/ :(


Hello everyone! I'm seraching this two Tomys: Squirtle old pose and Wartortle old pose. Does anyone have them to sell?

Preference to European sellers for the shipping costs, because I live in Italy!
Thank you :D
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Nintendo World Midnight Release

Hi friends! I'm wondering if any of you will be going to the NYC midnight release for sun and moon? I haven't been able to go since the BW2 release (Hibikitikibi, Spectre and I were able to meet up! If either fo you two see this, will you be attending?) and was wondering if any of you guys would be attending! Me and my bf and I are hoping to go this year! Maybe we can organize a meetup? There is a chance I will have to work in the morning and was also wondering if someone local would be able to reserve a spot for anyone meeting up~ We had a nice big pkmncolectors sign way back when that we all autographed! If I am not working, my bf and I will gladly go early and save a spot! Let me know, I'm super excited~