November 16th, 2016

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Looking to buy Christmas Charms

hey all, just a quick post since I'm hoping to get all of the Christmas charms, I'd prefer to buy a complete set from one person, but wouldn't mind having to buy from a couple of people, shipping would be to England - hopefully someone has them, or someone can point in the right direction, thanks!

Quick Brags! ^-^

Just wanted to show off some amazing things I got for my birthday as well as a few overdue brags! Lots of stuff in the spoiler.


Banpresto I love eevee mug, XYZ shiny Gardeviour UFO, Ho-Oh poncho Pikachu, Eevee Slippers, and Twinkle Dream eeveelution mirrors.

Shiny magikarp happymeal toy!

Stickers from some pokemon snacks I find at the local grocery store. Starting to buy at least one treat a week each time I go there just so I can get a new sticker!

*Sorry my pictures aren't the best! Its 5am here LOL.
pan sticker, Mightyena

Show me your card sleeves!

Hello everyone! Got a few cards now and looking for more decorative options than the plastic clear protectors. So show me your card sleeves! I want to see what's out there for TCG cards to be displayed in: clear, colored, patterned, even TCG competition protectors.

Also, I'm curious if there are sleeves where one side is clear to show the card and the back has a pattern or illustration. Because, there's displaying and then there's actually putting the cards away in storage. ;) 

✿ MOVING SALE!! Offer anything!! New stuff added!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG
BIG NEWS!!!!!!!! Mike and i got an apartment!!!!!!!!!!!! We just signed on the place yesterday and will be moving in Dec 1st, so i need all of this stuff gone pronto! If it isn't taken from here within the week, it will either be posted for pick up only on craigslist locally, or donated, so get what you want now!
Feel free to make offers for items lower than what i have priced. I'll consider anything especially if you're buying a lot! I'm also willing to trade for ACNL Amiibo cards or regular acnl amiibos if you have any i don't have! Please comment with offers! C:

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~ Thank you all for looking! Until next time! <3

Looking for a Pokemon Go Player in Japan

Hi comm members

If you play Pokemon Go and know of the special event going on right now in Japan, you know what's up ;) So, I'm looking for a player that will be traveling to the region within this week to help me with that super duper rare 'Mon, as well as the regional exclusive !!! Please PM me so we can discuss more in details about the plan and any trade-offs if you would like.

Thank you so much for your help and have a wonderful day/night my friends.

*Not sure if this post is allowed here, if not, mods please let me know and I'll take it off.
red genesect movie

Looking for a USA middleman!

Hi everyone!

Today i found out that gamestop USA has (as far as i can tell?)  an exclusive item, but they only ship to the USA and it's not on the UK site. X_X so i'm looking for someone to be a middleman for me! The item is here and currently a pre-order, releasing on 18/11.

If anyone could help, or know anywhere in the UK where they might be selling this, i would be really grateful! Thank you! <33

Pkmncollectors Sun & Moon 3DS Friend Code Exchange

Sun and Moon are only days away everyone! That means it's time to update our 3DS Friend Code sheet with a brand spankin' new one for the new generation. Because we're using google forms there is bound to be problems so please leave any comments below with issues you run into.

Also don't forget to comment once you've posted your code so others can reply that they have added you!

Edit: Please remember to add the dashes!

Sun & Moon Friend Code Submit Form

Sun & Moon Friend Code Spreadsheet
Midnight Riolu
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Weeding (+Offers) Pt. 4

More weeding. This will likely be my last weeding post as any future items I decide to sell will go in my regular sales post (whenever it opens back up). In additon to items I'm weeding there's also a few excess things from a couple lots I bought and a few items from my past posts. As always feel free to haggle.

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Thanks! Hopefully my next post will involve some wolves. ~

Lookin' for cards, and GRAIL GETS!

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a few cards. First, this card here. It's a reverse-holo Swablu from the EX Emerald set, 67/106. If anyone has it and is willing to sell/trade for it I'd be really happy! I'm having trouble finding it anywhere online.

I'm also looking for any full-art cards featuring people. I have Colress, but none of the others.

I'm also looking for some of the Mythical Pokemon Promos. I'm looking for Victini, Genesect, Shaymin, and Manaphy.

Also, since I now have my own income, I've been buying things like crazy. Mainly cards, but some plush too. And I recently got two of my grail gets - see them under the cut!

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Shiny Custom Noibat!!

So! It took me about half a month to design a noibat pattern, And I had a few scares/mistakes especially as I got tired and start cutting the wrong fabric. There's so much that I would change if I'm doing this again.
And I realized, if I had make this pattern waaaaay bigger, it could've become a pillow. The head was a tricky shape to do, despite the simple concept???? And I messed up with the nose. I wish it wasn't such an obvious mistake. But hey, I learned from my mistakes.

Anyway, I think this took me a month total? To sew Noibat since I've been busy with life. So I would've finished it last weekend but alas.
I only made a shiny because I had shades of blue fabric from my articuno plush earlier.

Anyway! Onward!
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Wants / help my find stuff

Hey guys,

its been a long time but I hope this community can help my source some stuff:

Does anyone know where I can buy a legitimate one of these for a reasonable price with shipping for the UK?
(Image from Pokevault)

Also looking for EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Gem mint/PSA 10 holographic cards as well as sealed boosters

Many Thanks.