November 17th, 2016

New Pokemon Kids Set Incoming!!!

Hey Everybody!

Haven't seen this posted yet, but as a pokemon Kids Collector, I'm SO EXCITED to hear the news! :')

Sorry for the blurry picture, but its the best one I could find! Apparently they are coming out mid December! It's the first set in over a year <3 I can't wait!!! Is anybody else excited for a new set of Pokemon Kids after so long?

Feel free to check out my sales post as well if you're a Pokemon Kids fan! I'm trying my best to secure a few sets of these guys :)

Just Click on the Pictures Below!
Jaydee Store Logo.JPG
Jaydee Store Logo.JPG

As always, I'm here to answer any Pokemon Kids related questions if needed! :)

Jaydee <3

TCG wants! :)

Hey everyone. Long time no see! Around about three years I think, but I'm back in my collecting mood!

I'm looking for bulk lots of Pokemon cards. All must be genuine, and very preferably from the original series, (base, jungle, fossil, Rocket, ect.)

I'm located in Australia, so postage will probably be quite high - if my fellow Aussies have anything, please let me know! Haha!

I look forward to hearing what people have to sell! :)

Thank you all so much!


Some awesome finds in DFW!

Hey there! I wanted to share some awesome Japanese merchandise finds in the wild while I have been out! Im here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, United States. Any local collectors might want to check these places out!

Movie Trading Company in Plano (next to the mall!) had these cute strap keychains for $2.49. Are these legit!? I bought a few of them anyways because they are so adorable! I also saw these being sold in a boutique in the Hmart in Carrolton, TX a few weeks ago although they only had oshawott and meowth.


Okay so I bought a few of these guys: Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka eevee. I am wondering if these 3 on the left are authentic? I looked at a few listings of these straps from Japan and these look to be the real deal! I have a bootleg strawberry cake version of these on the far right that I got off ebay a long time ago-you can tell by the text that it is a bootleg compared to the others. But are the 3 I got official treasures at an insane bargain? If these appear to be authentic I want to head back up to MTC and buy all the eevee variants!

ThinkGeek in Arlington, TX (inside the mall upstairs near food court) had this ADORABLE Munchlax bag! I regret not buying it.... T_T They also sell the Gamestop exclusive 20th Anniversary plush and even had a good stock of Mew! I wish this store wasnt a 2hour drive from my house- I just so happened to be in that area for work related purposes. Is $19 online on their website, $24 in store.

This is part of the plush wall at Anime Pop in Addison,TX! All items in this shop are 1000% legit and the owners are so confident that they allow you to take pictures! (That Sylveon is gone. ^3^)

Lastly I found these at the H-Mart in Plano, TX! I grocery shop here and noticed these yummies!

Lotto chocolate crisp wafers+sticker ($1.79 retail)

Ochazuke seasoning packet+two stickers ($2.99 retail)

Gets and Figure identification?

Hello poke-people! just wanted to share some awesome gets and ask for a little help identifying some figures

these are the figures that happened to come with my gets and i know nothing about any of them.. at first i thought the small ones were FCS figures but they arent.. and i have nooo idea about any of the others.. the Cubone has some kind of ball or marble in his base?

and heeere are my gets!.. Green Bulbasaur, Lime Venusaur(hoping to trade for green), Copper Marowak, Silver Pikachu Keshimon, Silver Venusaur Keshimon, Silver Dratini Keshimon(sooo cute!) and *insert drumroll* LUCARIO!!! I cant believe i own a Lucario metal! He WILL be going up for trade but ONLY for the Gunmetal Lucario ^-^

Pokedoll sales and gets

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well. I had a nice two weeks off from work, and now I have access to the post office again~ I come here today with some pokedoll sales and very exciting zukan gets *v* I will be getting a large zukan package tomorrow, too, so I will be updating my sales post tomorrow with all of the duplicates.
Those who wanted a tag from my previous post;

dragoniter (I don't remember if you wanted a tag or not; just in case skjlkdgkdh)

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Now for the super exciting gets 8)
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just a few wants~

Alright, so I've been putting off this post for a while, but I'm having trouble locating some items. I don't know if I would necessarily consider them grails, but maybe because they've been so hard for me to find and I'm trying to avoid ordering through a system like FromJapan if possible due to high fees for a small number of non-pricey items. Also if any images I've used belong to you guys, just let me know if you want me to take it down and I'll swap it out :)

Wants below the cut!

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Hopefully ya'll can help me out with these, or at least point me in the right direction :) Also, (mostly) recent pic of my collection for those not interested in wants :D