November 18th, 2016

✿ Added Even More Sales!! Last Week To Offer! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG
So after this week i'll have had everything packed up and ready to go to the new apartment! This is your last chance to offer to buy things! Please just offer anything honestly. I'm even accepting trades for ACNL Amiibo cards! Mostly everything will be tossed on craigslist before i move for super cheap anyways. There are only a few rare things ill take to the new apartment with me and try to sell again. So try for them now or never!!
Here's a tiny preview of the new items posted! Click the pics to go to the sales post!!

The mat there has a really cute zigzagoon cart!! This pic will be up on my website when i update again!

~ Thank you all for looking! Until next time! <3

Birthday wishes!

Hello hello!

Yes you read it good, my birthday is coming up! Next Monday (November 21st) I wil turn 23 years old!
So, I m just gonna give it another try for my wishes! Also I added some new wants. Hope you are be able to help me!

I'll start with the grails!:)   If you have information about other Zigzagoon items you can always share with me, I might be interested in anything of Zigzagoon!! :)

Collapse )

Thanks a lot for checking! :) I can't wait for Pokemon Sun, but I still need to wait until Wednesday... :( Europe........ And than I will play daily with my boyfriend, he will take Pokemon Sun!!

Have a nice weekend!


Target Sun and Moon Pre-order?

Hey everyone! Did anybody actually know about this deal Target was doing? D:

If I had known they were giving away cute figures with their pre-orders, I would have ordered from them. D:

In either case, I'm looking for Litten from this set. Did anyone pre-order their games from Target and have a spare Litten they'd be willing to part with?

Please let me know! Thank you!!

Pokemon Center Sapporo Reopening Merch List!!

The official pokemon website updated with the full merchandise list and pictures! Most of the items are not Sapporo-exclusive, except for a few.

Sapporo Exclusive Goods:

Snow Sculpture Stuffed Pikachu - 2,200 yen
Logo Pin - 630 yen
Playing Cards (not pictured) - 1,250 yen

Everything else will be available at all Pokemon Centers nationwide. Collapse )

You can click here to visit the website and see the full list. I'm sure someone on the community will be doing pick-ups soon!~ I had a feeling the logo pin would be Sapporo-exclusive, is there anyone able to do pick-ups for it? ;;

What's everyone getting from this promotion? The art is so gorgeous, I feel like I'd have to get a clearfile at least. I may cave and get a Popplio plush though...

What do you think about the Sapporo re-opening promotion?

Love it!!!
It's okay
Hate it :(

ALSO!!!! I just started playing Moon and I love it so much!! ALOLA!!!!! *does the wavy hand greeting*

Guys! ToysRUs is selling Pokemon Sun/moon for $31!

Well this is interesting!
I went to buy Pokemon Sun at ToyRUs, and when it showed the price, (minus tax,) it was only $31! Instead of the usual $40!
I asked why, they said it was on sale.
Have you ever seen a new game being sold for less money than usual?
I don't know if this is just my ToysRUs, or if this is every store, but I needed to share this. $8 is pretty significant!

I have photos to show of plushes I got, but later. I needed to get this out.

Quick harmless poll.



Looking for: Pokémon CD from AG

Hey there!

I'm looking for this Pokémon CD:

2003年劇場版ポケットモンスター ミュージックコレクション 「七夜の願い星ジラーチ」
Also known as:
- 2003 Theatrical Edition Pocket Monsters Music Collection [Wishing Star of the Seven Nights]
- 2003 nen Gekijouban Pocket Monsters Music Collection [Nanayo no Negaiboshi Jirachi]
- 2003 Theatrical Edition Pocket Monsters Music Collection [Wishing Star of the Seven Nights]
- Wishing Star of the Seven Nights: Jirachi Music Collection

If you know where I can get one or have one for sale, please let me know!
Thanks for reading!

Super Duper Metal Figures Sales Update! Prices Lowered!

Hello poke-people! So im drowning in metal figures and with christmas coming up i neeeeed them gone! So i've majorly lowered lots and lots of prices.. i think all but a couple were lowered! ANNND there are new figures for sale! Check it out.. also updated my sales and trades as well