November 20th, 2016

Look who I found!

He was at Toys R Us weeks ago! I just havent posted about him yet. He was $20something.
He's around 10 or so inches tall, quite cute! I know Eevee has a lot of fans, If my ToysRUs has any more of him, I wonder who would want one...

And of course I got the three starters when they came out at Gamestop. I got the Litten for my friend, but now I'm starting to like him. I tried to get a second one to send, but every Gamestop is out.

Being a Popplio lover, I'm getting the big Pokemon Center plush of him soon.
Pokemon - birds of a feather...

Custom Sales Reminder

Hi! Just a reminder that I have some Kanto Eeveelution embroidered towel sets as well as Shuffle patch commissions up on my latest custom post:
There's even two Vaporeon sets and one Flareon set available to ship out as soon as payment is received!

It's worth noting that December 01 is the official USPS deadline to ship to destinations outside of the USA for arrival by the holidays, so time is running out for gift shopping!

Pokemon Customs on Etsy:
Discounted Custom Sales:
Official Merch Sales:
bulbasaur 3

Massive Plush Weeding Sales

Hi, everyone! It's been a few weeks since I have posted my sales. I made some price adjustments! Please follow the links below. I will be adding more in the next couple weeks and hopefully will have some rare auctions. Oh, and I will be returning feedback soon for my last round of sales. Thanks!

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Click any of the pictures above to head to my sales or click here! Thanks for looking!

TCG wants!

Hey guys! Long time no post. I am afraid I have come here to ask for a favor. There are two new premium collections out staring Mega Salamence and Mega Garchomp. I would love the normal promotional cards from each set.

English version of course. I have a few cards I can use for trade. ( Full Art Wally from Roaring skies)

If anyone has just these four promo cards and doesn't want them.. please let me know. 

Toys R Us Event

Hello all!

I just got done going to the Toys R Us event today. I got there pretty early (around 1 or so) and this time I went to a different location. The location I went to last time didn't even have the Pikachu figures! They ended up mailing them out to me a few weeks later.

Surprisingly, I looked around and found a few Pokémon Center plush! I got the sitting standard Pikachu plush (it was $20. Ouch!) and I was shocked to find the 1:1 starter plush there as well! I was tempted to get the Rowlet plush, but it was missing it's hangtag. I think they were also charging $70 for them Dx

I was like the third person in line, and they just handed out everything to every person in line. The associates were much nicer at this location, and didn't question that I was an adult collector. So I got everything I wanted :)

How did everyone else make out? I might add some pictures later. I'm on my way into work right now!

Thanks for reading~
lucario avatar

sales updated - collection weeding!

Long time no see, everyone! I've gone through my collection again to trim it down - if I want any of those adorable alolan vulpixes, I've got to make room!

So I've added a bunch of things to my sales, like suicune, eevee stationary items, and even a pikachu plush!

Click the banner to go! (thanks ashlilyneko for helping me out with that! <3 )


Pokemon plush need a new home

granted sales permission on 3/17/2013 by allinia
- All pkmncollectors Rules apply
-My feedback
- I only except paypal as payment USD only
- I do live with a shitzu (dog), plush are kept away from her in bags or boxes. Please be aware the boxes and bags are in the same room as the dog. I do my best to keep the hairs away!
-All prices Do not include shipping cost and paypal fees . Please ask for a quote :)

- I ship to Canada,and USA
- I can combine shipping
- I recycle shipping materials. If this is a problem id be happy to buy new shipping materials for your package but, it will up shipping costs.
- I always keep shipping receipts as proof of shipment!
- You will be notified when I ship your package.
- Shipping is more expensive internationally, I ship from Canada.

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Chef, Charmeleon

Looking for a Charmeleon Ga-Olé token

It's a game that came out in Arcades in japan earlier this year, and I'm wondering if anyone has a Charmeleon Ga-Olé token from it

That's what it looks like, so if anyone here has it and is willing to sell, or knows someone who is selling one, I'd be beyond appreciative. This is currently the only thing I'm actually looking for. If anyone is interested in a trade, I do have a bunch of pokemon swing charms still, so if you'd be up for a trade, I can let you know what I have that you might want.
ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Sales: Ho-Oh, 2002 PC Bags, and more!

Sun and Moon comes out in Europe this week, and my bank account is looking a little sad for it. Weeding out spare Ho-Oh items from my collection, some rare Pokémon Center bags from 2002, as well as lots of other goodies! Take a look!

Anything not sold within a week or two will go into a big eBay lot, so act now if you're interested in anything.

Photo 20-11-2016 5 06 21 pm.jpg

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I also have these custom Alola postcards - you can see more images and buy them through Etsy, or I can sell them here.
£1.75 shipped in the UK, or $4 shipped internationally

Small gets and sales post update!

Hi everyone -

I've been busy with life lately, but I still have the collecting bug, although now I have a new distraction in the form of Pokemon Sun! I haven't gotten much play time in yet but it's really, really fun so far!!

I managed to get my hands on a few more nice, little things to add to my collection. Here they are!

First, we have this Lucario bottle holder thing. I haven't opened it yet but its head (separable) also protects the bottle from the top or something. When you put the head on, you have a full picture of Lucario. It's pretty cool!

To its right is a Lucario towel. There were two up for grabs but one was way pricier than the other, so I avoided that one.

Next to that is a small Zekrom cushion. I can't wait to use it sometime!

On the bottom row are two pencil cases. One of Lucario and one of Zekrom. I have like...8 different Pokemon related pencil cases now. I don't know what to do with all of them!

The other thing I got was the Charizard Metacolle Figure - It's a small, sturdy figure made of a hard material. I know because accidentally dropped it but nothing happened to it,

I also updated my sales post with a couple of things! I really need stuff cleared out so please, please help me! (Reasonable) haggling is gladly accepted, especially when buying more than one item!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Keshimon Question

Hey everyone.. so as you all know by now i am collecting keshimon.. and I was wondering if anyone has ANY idea which pokemon were made into keshimon? I know there's atleast 3 different collection cases each holding 24 pokemon.. so that means theres atleast 72.. but ive only been able to confirm like 49 of them .. this is only counting the original gen by the way, not any of the gen 2 colored ones though if you have any info about those id love to know that as well! Also if you have any keshimon for sale please let me know!

here are the ones I know for sure they made- bulbasaur, ivysaur, venusaur, charmander, charmeleon, charizard, pidgey, pidgeotto, pikachu arms up, pikachu arms down, pikachu asleep on log, raichu, sandshrew, nidoran M, clefairy, vulpix, jigglypuff, wigglytuff, diglett, psyduck, growlithe, poliwag, machop, geodude, farfetch'd, seel, gastly, onix, drowzee, hypno, voltorb, chansey, kangaskhan, magikarp, lapras, eevee, flareon, jolteon, snorlax, articuno, zapdos, moltres, dratini, dragonite, mew, and mewtwo..

I cant imagine they would have made flareon and jolteon but no vaporeon?

pic of my keshi's for attention