November 21st, 2016

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Rare Item Auction Reminder and Charm Note

Hello, everyone! I'm just popping in with a reminder about my rare item auctions, which end in about 4 hours as of this writing. Here's the post:

Pokemon Toys for Sale

Auctions here!

The auctions end at noon (12 pm) CST. You can find a countdown timer here.

Also, I wanted to say that I found the backings for some of my 2012 Pokedex charms up for auction, so I'll include them with the charms when they ship. Here are the backings I found:

* White Kyurem (for both charms)
* Black Kyurem (for both charms)
* Zekrom (for both charms)
* Rayquaza
* Latias
* Latios
* Giratina (for both charms)
* Druddigon
* Palkia
* Kyurem
* Reshiram (for both charms)
* Altaria (no Swablu)
* Zoroark (no Zorua)
* Axew line
* Gible line
* Trapinch line (paper only, no plastic)
* Bagon line
* 2012 Cleffa

I also have these empty backings; feel free to ask for them if you win anything else.
* Glameow/Purugly
* Maractus

If there are multiple charms to a package, the backing will go to whoever won the charm with the highest bid; if there is a tie, it will go to the bidder who placed their bid earlier.

I won't be starting them today, but in my next round of auctions, I hope to have many of my Jolteon items up, including:
* Bell plush
* K Uno silver and gold necklaces
* Keshimon
* 11 colors of mini models
* In-case figure
* All 3 colors of chibi stampers
* 5 colors of metal figures
And some non-Jolteon items as well, like my Skitty DX UFO, Espeon canvas, and Articuno and Gastly/Haunter/Gengar wind chimes.

If you want to be notified when that post goes up, please leave a comment here with your email address or email, as before.

Thanks, all!

(no subject)

Good morning community! I hope you're all having fun playing sun and moon. I know I am! I got sun! Anyways I just wanted to show you all what I found at Target and you should run to your local Target and get it asap!

I recommend getting one fast cause these are selling like hot cakes!
They're only $30 and make the game experience even more fun! :D

On a side note look what I did to my new shelf!

I now have 4 large shelves for the new gen! As you can see Alola is starting to take over!


And on a side note I am trying this again...
I still have these up for trade in the US only
I'll take just about any plush but would like a pokedoll
figures and or anything you think I might find interest in. I just don't need this extra Popplio taking up space.
I'd also appreciate not  being interrogated again thanks.
I want to keep it between me and the trader ONLY.

Small Gets Post!


It feels like I haven't been on here in ages! School's been kind of a drag ;^^ Gotta keep gettin' A's
I haven't really done an update 'cause of this, even though I've gotten a couple things since my introductory post.

So without further ado, you can click on this wonderful cut and see my gets for the past couple months if you'd like!

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I'll most likely be making a Christmas update post as well since... well, I asked for some Pokemon stuff~

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(no subject)

It's been a long time since I last posted here, mostly due to losing my info for logging in, and honestly, I fell out of love with pokemon for a bit due to some health issues. I guess we all get that way sometimes? Luckily, my love has come storming back, mostly due to beginning to socialise with others and enter a local tournament! anyway, I've been dipping my toes in and now and again, and I think i'm ready to begin again here.

As my subject says, and as I've just wrote, i've signed up to a local tournament, my only issue is i've only got one deck.... It's really helped my confidence and I'd like to keep going to it, so I'm looking for some cards, some deck boxes, basically anything to start my collection! I like the coins and sleeves too, so just show me anything you have for sale and I might be interested, please note I'm in the UK though ;u; and I don't have too much money to splash, (not that i expect, or want lowball prices!) i'm mostly looking for people who are trying to sell whatever bits and bobs they have spare, hopefully in the uk, or somewhere without insane shipping rates!

I hope this post makes sense as it's been a long time, sorry if I've done anything wrong in my format (please let me know if I have and i'll correct it!) Thanks for looking dudes, and I hope y'all are having fun with Sun and moon. Gosh, it comes out on Wednesday here and I can't wait O:

Gets and Custom! :)

Hello! :)

Today was nice a nice day the post office really made me happy!

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Yesterday I had a little break from my job and could work a little more on my Nendoroid custom. Now it looks a little more like Lysandre and I'm really happy with the progress!

I just can't wait to see it ready!! <3
Ok, see you next time!

Furuta Eggs are here!

It took them a whole month to get here but I'm glad they made it safe and sound ;;w;;

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Here's all I pulled :)
The raichu and mew are mine <3
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Tagging everyone who had claims~ Please comment and let me know your location and if you want some chocolate or not. Boxes will be flattened and included <3

You guys have priority if you'd like to add any of the extras to your order!

frozenmadame---clefairy PAID
erikiteru--- no raichu :(

mightyena_mad_7---latias PAID
ssjvap---no diglett or puppy :(
inkwaffles12---ash greninja PAID

usagimakeup---sylveon PAID
pokecats---no umbreon :(

Thanks for participating everyone! Thank you for your patience and sorry many claims were not fulfilled :(

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Ichiban Kuji gets!

Hey people :D
I'm back with some new special gets: the Ichiban Kuji Nebukuro Collection!
Let's not wait any longer, here's what I won:

These are all super cool!
Though I would have loved to get some of the plush keychains (Cubone ;-; )

I ordered a loooot of new stuff, so I should do an update on my collection very soon!
Thanks for your time and happy collecting!