November 23rd, 2016

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Claims reminder - Alola metal charms and Alola keychains ^-^

Hello guys!

This is just a quick reminder about my claims for Alola metal keychains/charms ^-^
I'll be getting them within about 2-3 weeks, each keychain is $4 and shipping would be $1.7 worldwide no matter how many keychains you get ^-^

Every keychain in still available up for claims except Rockruff!
Click HERE or on the pic to be transported to claims post ^-^


Also I still have open claims for Alola figure keychains, these are coming out in December! (so I should have them in hand in January I guess) Each keychain is $6 except for Pikachu which is $4. All keychains are still available for claims except for Litten (you can still claim it but I can't promise you that I'll be able to get needed amount). Shipping for these is going to be $1.7 worldwide as well ^-^

Click HERE or on the pic to be transported to claims post ^-^


And that's it, hope you guys are doing well and having fun playing Sun and Moon! :D
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Looking for Stufful and Bewear

Hey, everyone! So far, I haven't seen much come out for them aside from a Retsuden stamp and upcoming Tomy for Bewear, but nothing for Stufful. I've waited years for a red panda Pokémon, so I'm trying to get whatever I can for them, even customs! Please let me know if you're selling any or know of any that are coming out. :)



Also, can I just say that I almost cried in joy when I reached the point with Stoutland in the new game. Like, seriously. Dream come true. And I can only hope this means there will be new Stoutland merch coming out. I freaked out and practically leapt on my boyfriend to show him, hahaha.

So, as always, looking for any (literally any, magazine clippings, stickers, etc) Lillipup, Herdier, or Stoutland merch that I do not currently own. So, just send me pics or links to what you have and I may be interested!
Grail wants are the Herdier and Lillipup AEON buttons. (And the Jakks Lillipup proto, but I'm not holding my breath, lol.)
High wants are also the Retsuden stamps. I have Stoutland already, but I would be interested in a second one as I use the first one.

Thanks in advance! :)
Pokefarm Bat

Pokemon Festival Event (London)


I'm not sure how viral it was but for those of you who didn't know - Pokemon Festival was a private launch party event for Sun and Moon in London last night and I thought I'd share a few snaps :D

Over all it was an extremely fun (and free!) event - It was all Alola themed with free drinks and some of the most delicous hot dogs I've ever had.
And there was an extremely special guest there *w*

Take a little peek at the pics!

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As I mentioned in a post I did before - I'm on the prowl for any Lunala merch now, please please feel free to tag me ;w; I need my fix of space battys. Thanks!! <3

Selling custom Xatu plush!

First of all, I know this is a super random post with everyone hyping over Sun and Moon! Still, I hope to be able to find the Xatu I made over the past few weeks a new home. :) More pictures and info under the cut.

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Well that's it! I hope everyone's having fun playing Sun and Moon. ^^
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Pokédoll Sales! Genuine MWT Japanese Pokédolls! Blastoise, Munna & Original 2012 Release Slowpoke!

Hi guys, I'm still alive! xD Just busy busy busy and not really all that much is going on in my life right now in regards to collecting...Yeah I got the Nidoran F & Oak badge that came out this year and the Victini Pokédoll mentioned in this post...but that's pretty much it for...MONTHS! xD I AM however enjoying playing Pokémon Moon this evening and I'm thrilled that I finally found myself a Rockruff! I'll be training him up once I've got this post all done and dusted! =P Also...I missed my PKMNCollectors anniversary this year xD My 2nd! ...This is also the 2nd time I've missed I suck! xD I'd feel a little awkward posting about it nearly 20 days later maybe I'll just do a re-intro post at some point soon to compensate? =)

So why am I posting now?

Because...I managed to get a hold of a trio of lovely Pokédolls this morning (well..there was four but I needed the Victini that was included for my own collection xD) and I'm offering them up for sale! I'm an avid Pokédoll collector myself so can confirm from both my own experience collecting and by comparing these dolls with my own same dolls in my collection that these are genuine Japanese release Pokédolls! Not bootlegs!) Only selling these guys since, as I stated, I already have these three guys in my collection! xD

Why buy the Japanese releases? Usually, Japanese Pokédolls are a lot better quality and have a better shape than their American releases...and of course they also have that adorable tag art and shape which is a lot more desirable to collectors than the bland square black and white tags that American Pokédolls have. Japanese are just cuter all around IMO! =P

Preview! (Also, please note, these Pokédolls are cross posted elsewhere so may sell somewhere else depending on the timestamps of the posts!)

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