November 24th, 2016

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Updated Pokémon Center Items!

Hey guys, I know a lot of people are getting busy with the holidays, but I just wanted to let you know about some Pokémon Center updates I just came across! A lot of the TCG promos for Sun&Moon have been added, plus some Lucario merch :)

Below the cut I have put some preview images of the new stuff on the site, or you can just click the "New Releases" image to go straight to the new stuff. Hope everyone is having a good start to the holiday season, having fun playing the new games, and Happy Thanksgiving to those of us in the US! :D

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Incineroar Merch??

Hi friends! Hope you're having a good thanksgiving so far (for the fellow USA members!)

With all the hubbub going on about Sun and Moon, I just wanted to ask you guys to please tag me in Incineroar merch or for the people planning to do claims in the future for this stuff.

I totally fell in love with Incineroar and Incineroar only from playing Moon haha. He's literally the only pokemon I'm using and am crazy training him haha.
Anyway, please tag me guys! I'm gonna keep a good eye on anything that comes out!
Thanks, friends!
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Alolan Exeggutor?

Is there any merch for him at yet? Plush/figure? Is there any going to be released? I'm searching for my bf for xmas. If you're selling anything let me know. Thanks and happy thanksgiving to those in the USA

About fixing broken Rayquazas

On the beggining of November I've posted here about my mega Rayquaza figure someone on post office tried to steal and I recieved all broken! (This post)

In fact I was heartbroken, but I didn't want to give up on the figure! In fact I like to custom things and have such a hobby to repair broken figures and give them a new life, so I took this as challenge! I was lucky that all the broken pieces were inside the package and my job was really smaller than I thought it would be. So it was my Rayquaza when it came.


And this is it now! :)

It really doesn't seem to had been broken before and I'm happy with it! Some care and super glue can be a miracle sometimes! :)

Still talking about custom, I had time to take better pics of my Lysandre's custom Nendoroid and they're inside this cut:
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I'm still afraid of making his hair, but I'm happy with the progress until now!
See ya! ^^

Custom gets and a Popplio!

Hey, guys! Sorry it's been a while. I haven't been getting around to make posts due to laziness and personal issues. I won't go into it, but here I am!

Anyway, I got two custom plushies for my Ralts collection a while ago.

The chibi Gardevoir was made by the amazing LRK-Creations. She came out a lot better than I was hoping and she's extremely soft! Her little Ralts buddy next to her is made be the fantastic MsJennysCrochet. Look at her beady eyes! <3 Gah, I love these cuties!

Bought this Popplio plushy at GameStop when I went to pre-order Pokemon Sun. Sorry for the bad lighting, by the way.

Edit: If you this post before this edit, you might have seen a little reminder of a want. I'll make it a separate post once I actually get what I want to trade. You'll see in a couple of weeks. ;3

First post so hey everyone! :)

Heya! So I just joined this community to share with the awesomeness that is Pokémon! I'm an Houndoom/Houndour fanboy but haven't been in the business of collecting stuff for so long. I'm also just focused on merch of my two favorite hellhounds and thought I wanted to share with the community some pics of my boys! ^^
Anyways, nice to meet you all and hope everyone has a blast with Pokémon Sun&Moon cuz I sure have :3

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The Mega Houndoom plush was made by the super talented caffwin from DeviantArt!