November 25th, 2016

FromJapan's new fees?

Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is allowed on the community ( I'll delete this post if it's not ) but I'm just really concerned.

You know how FJ revamped their commission + usage fee system to a 300 yen or 700 yen forwarding plan?
I remember buying around 18 items with the charge 2 coming to around 6900 yen before the revamp but this time, I bought 17 items and the charge 2 fee is an astronomical 9700 yen! Is it supposed to be this pricey?? I feel like I'm being ripped off or something ahhh x v x

If anyone has any input on this, please let me know ; v ;

Need info on these figures!

Hey guys

I'm mainly a Tomy collector but I like my legends to be scale accurate so I get them from other lines

I've been looking for a big Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Regigigas and I found out they made 7 inch vinyl figures for them all so that's great :)

However I don't think I've ever seen any sold on here and I couldn't find them anywhere else either? Does anyone have any idea how much these go for and if anyone is selling? Thanks for reading!


Pokemon Center Preorder figures + Art Book for sale

Hi all, just a quick sale of the Pokemone Centre preorder figures and art book for Sun and Moon :)

Please refer to my Sales rules before commenting.

You can find photos of the figure and the art book from this blog post.

Solgaleo is around 4cm tall and Lunala is around 5.5 cm tall
Asking $20 SHIPPED ANYWHERE + fees each or $37.5 for both.

Will be shipped as is in bubble mailer by airmail (no tracking). Please let me know if you would like them to be shipped in other methods (i.e. if you want me to open the box and ship the figure only) or if you would like to add tracking.
DSC_0605 (Medium)

Art Book: $30
Like new but I have taken the book for photograph reason (obviously).
Please note that shipping would be around $10-15 depending on where you live since it's fairly heavy due to the hard cover.

Book has hard cover, the printing on the cover is somewhat "3D" and it comes with a CD.

DSC_0606 (Medium)

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Thanks for viewing :)

Cyber Monday Coupon Deal and Alain Collection Update

Hi guys!

My store is running a promotion for cyber monday- any order over ten dollars is 25% off!

Here's a link to my store!

Also, I have a small Alain collection update <3


I just got the small plush and Charizard from vulpes_canis (thank you! <3)
I specifically requested for the bigger plush to not look as grumpy as he usually does lol. Assuming he gets more official merch, it should create a nice balance :') I really hope they make a full scale figure soon!

Who else is loving Gladion btw? We need some merch of him lol. These games are soooo good- my only complaint is that the ages went backwards again ;w; One of my favorite things about XY was that you played as an older teen instead of a little kid...
Adorable Killua

Target Game Bundle Claims - ONLY POPPLIO AVAILABLE!

Hey guys! Im opening a second list since it's so difficult to get these figures individually! Please remember it's a chance to get the games for much CHEAPER than retail! $25 each!

Set 1
Sun $23.40: nadoki65
Moon $23.40: nadoki65
Rowlet $8.40: elcardenal12
Litten $8.40: doryphish333
Popplio $8.40: shadoweon

Set 2
Sun $23.40: sunnyjones2
Moon $23.40: *held*(elcardenal12)
Rowlet $8.40: clicky797
Litten $8.40: pmxellos
Popplio $8.40: 2fat_free

Set 3
Sun $23.40: inkwaffles12
Moon $23.40: inkwaffles12
Rowlet $8.40: glitterzookas
Litten $8.40: glitterzookas
Popplio $8.40:

Plus tax (0.90 per item), PayPal fees and shipping ($3 US and $13 for International)

*Prices could potentially be cheaper if I can order the bundle on sale!

First come first serve

A claim is a commitment, backing out results in immediate negative and banned from future claims or sales

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