November 26th, 2016

Black Friday sales and commissions!

Hi guys, I hope you're enjoying Pokemon Sun/Moon!! I'm here with a few new sales and black friday sales for art commissions/customs! About the plushies, as usual, I'm open on haggling so don't hesitate, please ^^

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I'm working at the moment on some of the art commissions you asked me on the last post and if you're still interested on bookmarks or other kind of commission just take a look on the full post! I haven't print anything yet so you can still add anything on this batch!  (The Sealeo one is made for mandamaeh ♥)

I'm doing a Black Friday offer: 30% off on ALL my Etsy store using the code: BLACKFRIDAY16
Available until the Nov. 28th! You can click on the banner to see my store with some commission options, prints, some originals and more...

Finally! I just wanted to talk about ALOLAZINE! I participated with this Pokemon fanzine and it's available for preorder right now on Tictail (just click on the preview). It's a full fanzine inspirated by Alola region with more than 20 awesome artists so if you're interested just take a look on it :D I'm glad I was able to participate!! ♥

Grail(ish) get <3

Hey guys!! I've been wanting a certain someone for a lil while now and I finally broke down and got em! Can you guess who??? Ichiban Kuji sleepy time Gengar! Eventually as soon as I clean up, I hope to have a real collection update because it's totally not been 5 years or anything.>.> Thanks for viewing!

So it's been awhile here's what I got

So it's been a while been soo busy and this is what I've gotten this month on Pokemon merch. :)

Went to the midnight release on Nov 18th and got Pokemon Sun. I got all this from Gamestop. Litten I got 2 weeks before the release they had the Pokemon Center plush there. Of course my starter in Sun was Litten. #TeamLitten

I've gotten far into the game I'm at the league right now leveling up. :)

Also if anyone in the community has this  Charizard Y plush please let me know and how much you want for him after I'm done doing Christmas shopping. He's the only one I'm missing in my Charizard collection and I can't find him anywhere. :( Please let me know thanks :)

Looking for Pokemon Center Charizard Y Legit Plush:


SOLD - First Gen backpack by Small Planet for sale!

Yo. I'm selling this backpack I had gotten a while back. It's brand new.
Small Planet just released another one that I REALLY like so I decided to let go of this one to hopefully help fund the other one I want!

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here:

It's $40 OBO. Shipping will vary depending on your location; it weighs 15oz and feels sturdy. I can ship internationally but it will be very expensive.
The outside color is navy blue. (I know it's hard to tell in pics)
It's made of polyester and can fit books just fine. Has a pouch on the inside.

Bigger pictures under the cut.

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Need help ID-ing some plush

Hi comm,

I'm pretty noob when it comes to plushies so I hope the experts from the comm can help me with these characters. They are Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle plushies btw :) Thanks in advance !!!

Btw, are there any Pokemon plush guide on the community ???


Another Pokemon cafe in Singapore??

Hello all ^_^

I was looking for Pokemon news on google when I saw that there was another Pokemon cafe that just opened in Singapore: Click me!. This cafe is based on the Alola region.

Picture of cafe food for attention :P

I was wondering if anyone on the comm lives in Singapore (I thought there were at least a few) and plan on going to the cafe? I would love to see more pictures/exclusive merch that they have at the cafe!

I have the next few days off from work; I've been sick with a cold, so I've only been able to play Pokemon Sun for about an hour or so. I'm super excited to play it the next few days!

Thanks for reading~