November 30th, 2016

Bootie check! :o

Hi guys (^ - ^*)/

I just came back from shopping and found these guys at a place called My Cube. This place always sells booties and i'm usually really careful when it comes to avoiding them but in this case because they have Tomy tags i thought hmm maybe they're legit because theres no way they could replicate the tag that good..

Any help would be much appreciated thanks! (´ω`♡)
Solved! thanks everyone! :D

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Sales update! much more inside :)

Welcome all! i up dated my sales post with various items, straps, plush, zukan, stadium, tetras, xmas ornaments and more :)

Preview pic of only the new figures added, a LOT more in the post,click the link to go to my sales :)
All combinable with my non pokemon sales and always open for trades :)
Thank you!

Mew and Pokeball plush

Today as I was just having fun looking through Amazon I came across something interesting
It is called
Pokemon 20th Anniversary Mew Plush and Pokeball 151 TOMY
I have not read about this set anywhere and I do not know if the other Pokemon in the mythical collection will come out with this set I just thought I'd share it with everyone

November/Birthday gets!

Originally posted by betlv at November/Birthday gets!
Hello everyone, today is my birthday! I have been absorbed in Sun and Moon (I got the dual pack) and I have more to share with you all. First, since my intro I forgot to point out that the date on all pictures I post is completely wrong. It's about a year behind! Also, not pictured is the Halloween Tomy Zubat and Pokemon Center small Squirtle.

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Thanks for reading! Happy holidays.

Target Game and Figures Group buy

So the two pack with the games and figures are 15 percent off with code and I get another 10 percent team member discount and 5 percent for being a card holder so the pack would come out to 62.74.
Sale is over

I want to buy my friend moon for christmas so I figured this would be the best price C:.
I can buy them two at a time so if there is demand I can order more.
Shipping says December 8th-10th and its free.
Shipping in the US would be under 3.00 for a game or a figure.
Outside the US starts between 8-15 depending where you are at.
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

Each game would be 20 + 1.32 tax + PP
Each figure would be 6.04 + .66 tax + PP

I would need payment within 24 hours after I order.

Sun: polahbear PAID
Litten:syminka PAID
Rowlet:primalraikou PAID
Popplio:deranged_girl PAID

Second set
Sun:x_jen17 PAID
Moon:miss_minccino PAID
Litten:miss_minccino PAID
Rowlet:hollyasevenx PAID
Popplio:spunkybandy PAID

Third set
Sun: aki199257 PAID
Moon:aki199257 PAID
Litten:eevee2flareon PAID
Rowlet: dezchu BANNED
Popplio:kuitsuko PAID

4th set?
Sun:vulpes_canis PAID
Moon:pokewomon PAID
Litten:pokewomon PAID
Rowlet:giratina PAID
Popplio:hokeypokeyboop PAID

5th set?
Sun:pokewomon PAID
Moon:hokeypokeyboop PAID
Litten:lunarchik13 PAID

All 5 sets are aquired and shipping to my house message if you want to track it :3.

Looking for 20th Anniversary "Plush in a box"

Hey guys,

I completely forgot about these - I have gotten all of the 3DS events, but forgot they were making plushies too.

The first one I was able to get is Darkrai - the plush for May, exclusive to GameStop. I got a few of them in hopes I could trade some.

So the ones I need are:

Mew (Feburary plush, GameStop exclusive)
Celebi (March, TRU exclusive)
Jirachi (April, TRU exclusive)

If anybody wanted to sell (or trade for a Darkrai) one of these, please let me know! I do want the complete package, with the bag - it's part of the item. Thanks

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Just dropping by to share some super cute new gets that arrived yesterday~

I love the new poketime plush <3 I think its great when promos like this use fabric other than minky or velboa, it really makes the plush unique!
And the new rockruff merch is too much for my heart, especially that super fuzzy tomy plush ;;

I'd love to know how everyone's sun/moon experience has been so far! What pokemon you've decided to collect from the new games, or even unexpected new faves!
I'm definitely planning to collect rockruff, lycanroc and pyukumuku~
and maybe popplio, but I think one starter is enough for my main collections ;;

I've also updated my sales with some new items, including a Pokestudios Bulbasaur! And I've lowered some prices on other items~
Feel free to click the banner of link below to check it out!
shiny collections.jpg
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/6/2014.