December 4th, 2016

  • 4fire1

Pokemon mini collection update/iso

Hey all! Just wanted to share my small figure collection and was hoping people could help add to it (: Always looking for Gengar, Char line, kanto starters, mew, mewtwo and pikachu! Figures is what I'm mostly looking to add to my collection since they look nice all together. Appreciate any help thank you 😊

Pokemon Sun & Moon Cafe Singapore Pickups Post -Status: CLOSED-

Hello everyone! Today I'm here to share info and offer pick-ups for the Pokemon Sun & Moon Cafe that just opened in Singapore! \(^o^
Was really excited to hear that another Pokemon cafe is opening, and based on the Alola region too. Unfortunately the food is still really pricey so I could only offer to get a dessert and a drink (shared between two people)... hahah...

Firstly I'll do a small recap of my alola cafe experience! :)

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I hope everyone enjoyed looking at the new cafe in Singapore! With that... I'm also here to offer pick-ups!!

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Pickups will close once the 10 slots have been filled.

If anyone's still interested in the merchandise from the 1st Pokemon Cafe, leave a comment! If there's enough interest then I'll do pickups for them the next round.

Have a nice weekend! :) 

Acrylic charms for sale!

Hey everyone! How are those adventures in Alola going?

I've had my game since release day but I'm still not done with my adventure - I've been playing slowly, but I'm enjoying every second of it! And I aleady know what merch I'm going to pick up once they begin releasing new plush and figures of my favourites (come on Pokémon Center, bring in the Torracat merch)

I recently finished making another batch of 2" clear acrylic charms featuring Pokémon from Kanto and Alola in addition to my 1.5" glow in the dark Mimikyu I already mentioned here! Here's the new designs:

Each one comes with a matching strap and bead, inside a clear bag with a custom cardboard backing, just like this:

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Each charm is 9.6USD shipped worldwide, and I can combine shipping to save up on shipping costs if you like! I also accept trades for stuff in my wants list.

Sales rules/info:

  • My sales permission was approved by entirelycliched on September 20th, 2014. My feedback can be found here. All PKMN Collectors rules apply.

  • I ship from Spain and I ship internationally. I usually ship within 1-2 days. Given price quotes are for regular shipping - tracked shipping is also available for 3USD extra. I won't be responsible for lost or damaged items that didn't have a tracking number.

  • All of my items are stored away from smoke, pets, and food.

  • I only accept PayPal. Please don't forget to send your payment as "Goods" and state your username and what you bought in the memo!

  • I do accept trades or partial trades for things in my wants list, as long as you've got 10 or more feedback - if not, your item(s) should arrive before I send mine out.

Additionally, my RedBubble is filled with new Sun/Moon designs that you can get on your favourite merch - and with an up to 25% off discount if you use the code "HITNAVIDEÑO" at checkout before December 6th!

That is all, thank you for reading and hope you have a nice Sunday!

Sales Update: Prices reduced!


Preview pic:

*Please note that some of these items in this pic have been sold

-Just to update, all current transactions have been shipped!
-Many prices have been reduced!
-Click image above or here for more items...


Posting my wants again because Mercari woes are REAL. There are so many awesome things for sale but I'm either sleeping and/or middleman services take some time to process so rare merch gets snapped up quickly anyway. The latest tragedy was an ENTIRE SET of pokedoll can badges (starburst design)--coulda knocked out 11 badges that I needed right there! Sadly, 'twas not meant to be. Although there was no Porygon in the set so I think there's a good chance they never made one for whatever reason.

Anyway, I'm buying/trading for any of the badges below!

Sales Reminder! :D

Hey everyone! Just wanting to remind people about my sales! Lowered some prices for the holidays and if you're in the states it's not too late for items to arrive before Christmas ;D

Onto the sales stuffs xD

click on the sales preview photo to be transported to my sales post!

- Sales Permission was given by areica96 on May 26, 2k16

Thank you for looking and have a great day everyone!


Hi, just wondering if anyone has a sleeping cubone kuttari for sale shipping would be to new zealand:)could also be interested in other sleeping kuttaris thank you:)
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[help] buying on Taobao

Hello guys!

I've a little question : did some of you buy on Taobao, the Chinese ebay-like site, yet ?

I'm looking for some products from King Finger Studios (if you know PokeStudios, their works are rather similar : huge unofficial and grogeous figures >

As I live in France and don't speak a word of Chinese, I'll need a middleman agent, something like Shopping Mall Japan would be great. Do you know one?

Thanks for the help! :3

Have a nice day,

of kuttaris and middlemen

 Hello dearlings!

I'm looking for two total kuttari plush, and if I can find someone who has both, that would be AMAZING. Shipping on these would be to US 93455, and if you want my feedback, I can totally provide that for you- 100% positive btdubs.

The kuttari in question are....

- SLEEPING Pachirisu
- SLEEPING Growlithe

found them!

Also. This is rather important now.

Does anyone in the UK happen to have the Gengar petit plush? The recent pastel one would be lovely, but beggars can't be too picky. If so, please send me a PM- my best friend loves that ghostie, but shipping from California to Hastings is redonk. I'd pay you an extra Santa's Elf fee, for helping me. ;_____;
scrafty pixel

loose thread help?!

Hey, guys, sorry that it's been a while! My computer was out of commission for months x__x

Anyway, I got the lifesize Litten plush and just today, I noticed a long loose thread coming out of its poor face :( the thread is almost a full inch long and it's making me super nervous... if I cut it, will the plush unravel? I'm really scared to do anything with it because I don't want to wreck it!

Anyone have any experience with this? ; A ; really obnoxious that a PC plush is doing this, especially for so much money, but what can you do .__.