December 13th, 2016

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Series 5 and 6 Kuttari on US PC Website--Sort of?

Hey everyone, I might have accidentally stumbled across something sort of interesting while googling the current availability of Cubone kuttari plush...kuttari series 5 and 6 have pages on the US website but are currently listed as out of stock.


Awake Cubone -- Sleeping Zorua -- Sleeping Vulpix -- Awake Growlithe

I haven't seen any announcements about kuttari series 5 and 6 getting US releases, nor have I seen them show up in the new releases section of the PC website, so I'm assuming that these pages are placeholders for future releases (maybe coming soon?) rather than items are already sold out? What do you guys think? Does anyone know if it's usual for the US PC website to make placeholder pages for products in advance like this?
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Selling pokemon boosterpacks

So I have a friend who was somehow unaware that I don't play the TCG anymore when we were trading gifts, and since he didn't have the receipt )Threw it away lawl) I can not return them to the store, so I'm gonna sell them here cheaper than they normally are.

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

My feedback ---->

I mail out from within the US (30189), and it will take up to one week (Usually mail on tuesdays and saturdays only)

Please be able to pay within 24 hours. Not open for trades.

First person to say 'Committed to buy' before other people gets claim on item(s).

Do not ask me to send an invoice, I've had a bad experience with it.

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T-shirts on Sale!

I recently finished up my Alolan holiday wreath design and just added it to my Teepublic store!  All tees are currently on sale for $14 (still have a few more days to get it in time for Christmas!), and there are discounts on other items too (e.g., mugs, longsleeve tees, hoodies, etc.).  You can access my store by clicking on any of the images below. :3  Thanks for checking it out!

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Bottle of confetti ? (*≧∀≦*)

Hi everyone !

I've discovered these charms recently and I've completely fallen in love.

Look at how cute they are !

I'm searching for more information about them, is anyone doing pick-ups for these ? And does anyone know if there are other items from this line ?

Any help is appreciated !

Thank you and good day everyone !

Golden BREAK Takara TOMY Figures

Hey everyone! Hope the holiday season is treating you guys well ^^
I had a question and maybe a possible group buy??

I have never actually seen these guys for sale but as I scoured taobao for fun...

Is that what the color is supposed to be irl? Are they factory rejects? Are they booties?
If they're one of the first two I'd really want the raichu but I'm not willing to buy the whole lot just for it >~<
so maybe someone would want to do a group buy with me?

Thanks everyone <33