December 14th, 2016

2 inch figures that can be used as tomy alternatives?


We are collecting regular sized tomy figures and we are wondering if you know of any good alternative figures/brands for those pokemon with no official tomy release which are about the same size as the 2 inch tomy figures.

Examples are as follows:
-Froslass EU Candy Figure
-Chimecho EU Candy Figure
-Abomasnow EU Candy Figure
-Dusclops Keychain Figure
-Shelgon Pokedex Figure (Full Color Stadium Advance)
-Whimsicott Fairy Ippai Figure
-Cofagrigus Halloween Ippai Figure

Trying to find alternative figures especially for Gen 3 with no official tomy release. Any info would be very much appreciated :)

Mini birthday haul + wants reminder

Welp, my birthday came and went and I'm officially an adult... even though I still feel 12.
I went to Nintendo World in NYC and got the Pokemon Center Litten and Delibird Pikachu plushes. It was hard picking stuff out this time since most of the stuff on the shelves was stuff I already owned (I guess that's what happens when you become an avid collector XD)

I also received two more San-ei plushes from my uncle!~ Sweet Arceus, they have to be the best plush makers ever. Their plushies are so well made and look very accurate. I really love Altaria and Togepi, so I was very happy when I saw these. <3

And here's a little reminder of my wishlist ;u; I am so sorry for making another post about it. I changed up my offer a little bit to make it a tad more "flexible."

Unknow Tomy Figures


Since diamondphantom posted about the golden tomy figures from Taobao I started to look at the sellers other items and run into the following tomy figures I never seen before in clear or pearly versions. The seller has a lot of legit pokemon tomys for sell so guessing some of these may be factory rejects or figures that hit never got released as Taobao is know for selling unreleased, factory rejected, or cancelled items. Click on the cut for bigger images and thoughts on any of theses figures if you seen them before I actually own the clear piplup figure which I won in the yahoo japan lot and always wonder if the other starters had a clear figure but now my thoughts of wondering are over as they may be real.

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P.S a seller from Taobao is using my photos from my collection to sell figures on Taobao. I am not sure how I feel about that or if I can report it?

new tomy figures

Hey yall! Haven't seen anyone here mention these but it looks like new tomy figures of the kanto starters have shown up in Toys R Us! Theres new poses of bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle~


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Glad to see new merch outside of japan, bulbasaurs pose is too cute! I'm hoping we get some of these alternate posed figures for sun/moon pokemon *-*
Has anybody seen other new unanounced merch? Hopefully some new tomy plushies will pop up soon!

Here's a link to my sales while I'm here~

-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/6/2014.
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Alola Custom Christmas Ornaments

Hey guys! I have some quick custom sales/commissions for you!
Me and sorjei have been working together on these cute alola starter christmas ornaments!
They have been designed by her, and I made them and she's allowing me to sell them.

Sales Info:
* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/20/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback:
* RULE CHANGE: commitment takes priority over quotes now! tired of people not responding back in a timely manner. :(
* I do holds for 24 hrs.

(The one pictured is the one I made for sorjei, yours will be made after ordering.)

These are $10 each plus shipping, or all 3 for $25!
These will be shipped out the 16th or 19th, so they will be recieved by Christmas if you're in the US!

I also have some ready to ship custom items in my etsy store (including perler sprites, pouches, and some plush.)
I even have one of my giant 5 foot long Wailords ready to ship!

click here or the picture to go to my store
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Pikachu Evil Teams figures claims!

Hello guys!

New Pokemon Center Pikachu gachapon figures has been announced today - Pikachu Evil Team figs! :O

I will be able to get some of these for you!  They'll be released on 1st January 2017 so I should have them in hand within about 2 weeks from this date :)  Each figure is $8 and as always shipping starts from $1.7 and shouldn't be higher if you order 1-4 figures ^-^

In the cut you'll find all detals!
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If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment below!
Thanks for looking ^-^

Perler Sprite Christmas Discount!

Hey guys! My store is having a current Christmas promo. Orders over 10$ are all 20% off between now and 12/25. There is no coupon code for this order because I've been having trouble with etsy adjusting commission time for huge orders. So if you're interested, message me on etsy or leave a comment here and I'll make a custom listing for you :)

Also, I'm offering special deals for Pokemon Go related commissions- if you order all three of the legendary birds, I'll throw in a free sprite of the same size. If you order one bird or one of the team logo's, I'll throw in a free small sprite of your choice.


Here's the link to my store: