December 16th, 2016


Pokemon Cafe Pickups Totals

Hello! Just here to update on the confirmed totals for those that participated in my Pokemon cafe pickups.
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Off topic, but has anyone had any luck finding a destiny knot in Pokemon Sun/Moon? I've been trying the pickup strategy for hours and results have been unsuccessful. :') I just want to breed myself a nice Mimikyu..

Minior core figures?

I figured it was a little too early but i was curious if anyone knew of the possibility of any minior core figures? I spent all weekend trying to hatch a shiny and during it thaught it'd be really cute to make resin minior figures/keychains. You don't see those resin figures anymore but i love them. So astheticly pleasing. But to do this i need something to make the mold with. Any help would be greatly appreciated! ^^
  • ap_kun

Small sales post!

Reminder that most of my items are still available from this sale!

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Giratina Banpresto chibi plush MWT 12 USD (shopro sticker also) ( Please note the glue of the crown on his head is not sticking properly/getting lose, it can easily be fixed though) SOLD Leafeon pokemon time keychain plush MWT : 15 USD, Munchlax pokedoll tush tag only/has a few small usemarks 15 USD(loose threads)


Each 4 usd, (Talonflame and noibat already sold)

I also have a ton, like 150+ kids including clears etc, if you looking for a specific pokemon let me know!

Thanks for looking and have a nice day !!