December 19th, 2016


ISO Poncho Pikachu figures!

Hello everyone!

I know I'm super late to this party, but I've suddenly taken a huge interest in the Mega Poncho Pikachu figures that were released some time ago. Not the Pikazard ones, but the sets where Pikachu is dressed up as other Mega Pokemon!

I currently only have Mega Charizard X and Mega Lucario, but I'm hoping to be able to find both sets, if possible.

Any help in finding them is appreciated!

✿ Searching For & Sales Reminder! ✿

grail.jpg Hello sweet little poke-cherubs! IMG_9103.JPG
Today i come to you looking for these 2 plushies for my friend! Preferably mint with tags please! I'd like to pay around $20 each before shipping. Let me know what you've got and for how much you'd like for them! c:
s-l225 (1).jpg
They are the Pokemon Center ditto bulbasaur and ditto poliwag plushies!


Next up, just a small reminder for these small sales of mine! Click the pic to gooo!

~ Thank you all for looking!

Introduction and Small Collection Post

Hey everyone,

I just joined the community about a week ago and figured I'd finally make an intro post for post for everyone! My name is Abyssal_Scratch, but feel free to call me Daniel. :) I'm 22 years old, and have been a fan of Pokemon since 2003.

My first experience with the series was when my grandmother got me Ruby as a gift in 2003, and the interest in the series has carried on since then. While I frequently take trips up north to NYC/Nintendo World, my collection up to this point is fairly modest.

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Anyways, I've sort of been lurking for years now, but never really had the situation to be able to think about becoming a serious member of the community until recently. When it comes to collections, I'm a big fan of Steel, Grass, and Dark/Ghost types, and [like the vast majority of collectors] have an unhealthy obsession with the Eeveelutions, and hope to improve/create collections for those particular types.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this community, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all ^^.

Christmas Special- last reminder!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that until 12/25, all orders over 10$ are 20% off in my store :)

I've added new listings to my store, including shiny Swampert and Umbreon, Emerald May, and RSE Maxie. As always if you don't see anything you like in store, I take commissions! I am now also able to take commissions on large sprites of most human characters from Sun and Moon. This includes Guzma, Gladion, etc :)

shiny umbreon.jpgshiny swampert.jpg

Most Pokemon can also be made in multiple poses!

Thanks for viewing and here's the link to my store:

Large Zukan sales update + collection post

Hello all! I've listed a ton more zukan in my sales. Includes Ho-oh, Scyther, Arceus plates, Giratinas, Umbreon, Kecleon, Latias, Latios Breloom, Lapras, Miltank, Houndoom, Feraligatr, and more! Rules and whatnot are found in the link as well.
Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96
Preview of items;

I haven't really gotten much pokemon merch lately. I've been mostly buying model planes and saving up for another eclectus dfkjghkfdgk But I started to collect Lunala. I only need the PC plush and the candy figure before I got all the Lunala figures/plush :3c I also finally got my Charizard figuarts in! It's super poseable and I love that they made the tongue poseable lmao
To make this post less boring, here's my new setup! (Image heavy)Collapse )
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Ultimate Collection Update ! Groundbreakers TFG !

Hi there !

I never thought I'd do this kind of update in my collection someday.
I had already managed to find the 42 groundbreakers figures but the original base was missing for many of them.
About 20 figures were incomplete...
Then one day, I came across a seller on ebay offering the full collection in mint condition... absolutely perfect !
I immediately took the opportunity. I had to sell my old Groundbreakers collection plus few doubles and eventually discuss the price to get it.
All in all, I haven't spent that much !

I can finally discover the names of the sculptors and all the different pokemon attacks ! That's outstanding !

I don't know if these figures could be easily found someday but if you are a real fan of Pokemon kaiyodo figures I hope you'll find them soon.
For my part, the dream comes true : my TFG series 2 is now really complete and in as-new condition.
Amazing !

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Alolan Vulpix TCG... details, anyone?

Hello all! ^o^ As per usual, I'm totally out of the loop... Can someone fill me in about this TCG? The lot description says it's a limited edition card, and I've only seen a couple for sale on eBay...

Who's got the info? It would be much appreciated! ^-^
(Also, is it not weird that the card is a Water element? ._.)