December 20th, 2016

Massive want - secret Articuno strap!

Hi guys! :D I can't believe it's only 5 days till Christmas! O_o I hope everyone has gotten all their Christmas shopping done. I was wondering has anyone bought any of the blind-bagged wooden straps from the Rowlet's Garden promotion? I'm desperately searching for the secret Articuno strap (also the Swablu and Rowlet ones, but they're low priority). For some reason there's a tonne of Moltres and Zapdos straps on Y!J, but no Articunos! T_T If someone has this strap to sell or finds one for sale I'd be very greatful if you let me know! :) Thanks! ^-^

Also, I was thinking of potentially doing a GB for a box of these straps (if I can find someone to buy a box for me). Would there be any interest in that?

Some super gets (including a grailish one) + grail wants

Hello all! I just received some super cool items, including one I've been searching for some time. Without a further ado, let's get into it :)

[Use cut!]
From the left, there is a special Treecko plush with a small ribbon on it (Can't remember exactly what it is) and from the right, secret base Treecko :)

I am absolutely going to use this clearfile at work :D I think it's time to tell you. I'm a teacher of maths and chemistry and a good example that even teachers can be fans of Pokémon!

Oh man oh man! That mega Sceptile figure (behind) is way more cooler than I first thought it is. That figure in front is just for comparison. Guess what makes the figure even cooler? The tip of its tail can be removed :D

This card... I've been searching it for a long time and finally got one at a reasonable price. I now, finally, at last, have every Sceptile card there is (excluding in different languages)!

And now, for my true grail wants. There are two of them:

The Grovyle plush and the Sceptile Pokédoll. If you happen to have any of these and you are ready to part with them, please, please let me know. I'm ready to pay almost anything (but reasonable, of course!). Plus, anything else related to Sceptile line is very welcome!

Well, I think that's all for now. Finally, I want to wish everyone very merry Christmas!

Small Raikou Collection Update

Hi everyone!!

I got a few new raikou things in the mail recently so I wanted to share!

My collection first started off as this...

Now my collection has its own proper shelf space and not the random table in the living room, lol.

Collapse )

I'll also probably be making a little raikou and rowlet wishlist soon, maybe after the holidays.

Thanks for looking and have an awesome day!!
Shoulder Sylveon

Massive Weeding! Pokedolls, Sylveons, and More!

Hi all, I havent been around much, and while I am still keeping the majority of my collection, and just got an amazing grail get, an Absol Pokedoll for Christmas (we do it early), I did some big weeding and want to cut my collection down to plush of pokemon that I love AND love the design. Click the preview pic to link to my sales/rules/sellers permission!

looking to complete the collection

Hello. I saw other people ask for this in the past so I thought I would try my luck. I am looking to get this plush. since it is the last part of my collection I am willing to shell out a decent amount of money. the more pieces you have the more I am willing to pay. let me know
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