December 21st, 2016

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New collection and some custom stuff!

Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great time before christmas! Before i do a proper collection update (which will happen sometime in January...maybe) i decided to show off some of the stuff i made for my main collection, and a brand new one.

So...i've been playing Pokemon Moon, have fallen in love with Wimpod and Golisopod and decided to make them my newest collection! (My Golisopod Nebula pretty much one shotted the league all by herself...she's OP, it's great) But since it's early days in terms of merch, i decided to make a custom plush to start my collection. Also October, November and December ended up being months of the genesect and i made a whole bunch of other cool stuff! So yeah. Image heavy! Here's a teaser:

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First Post + looking for dog pokemon stuff.

Hi everyone! I'm new and excited to be here. My name is Bear, and I love all kinds of dog pokemon. Other than trading cards (and one entei pokedoll!), I'm brand new to collecting physical pokemon merch. It's been frustrating - I'm living in Canada, so the Pokemon Center is a no go.

I'm looking for almost any merch for sale of the following, but especially plush: entei*, growlithe*/arcanine*, lillipup*/herdier*/stoutland*, poochyena/mightyena, manectric, furfrou, houndour/houndoom, rockruff/lycanroc. I'm also looking for some non-dogs: ursaring*, skitty, meganium, honedge line, pyroar, & mudsdale.

(* - most wanted.)

Note: I wanted to make this post while it was fresh in my mind, but my connection is going to be spotty to nonexistent for the next week. I'll do my best to reply ASAP. Thank you!
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WTB: Lillipup line, Stufful line, and ya boi Guzma!

Hey, everyone! I'm looking for some things!

As always I'm looking for anything I don't have of the Lillipup line. I believe I have all official plush and figures, so mainly looking for stickers, other flats, and customs.

Next, Stufful and Bewear! I have a couple flats coming and TCG, but I'd like to get this collection kick-started! I'd love to see some customs.

Aaand, my newest collection... Ya boi Guzma. Gosh dangit, he sucked me in, haha. I have some flats coming, but interested in anything else you may have! (Or customs!)

I should be making a collection update soon! Thanks in advance! :)
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Possible ga?

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a ga for these mugs. Though I have sales permission from gin since 2011 I have never done a ga... I am just looking for Rowlet