December 22nd, 2016

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Gets + Sales update!

Yesterday I went to Toysrus and found they were selling 2016 World Championships TCG decks. There was a Greninja deck and a Yanmega deck, I bought the latter one.
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The artwork on the deck box is so cute!
Actually I don't collect or play TCG (only playing a little bit online but very bad at it). So I'm putting the deck (and the metal pin) in my sales post.

I also have a bunch of Japanese version BW8 Plasma Freeze cards in my sales, there're 2 copies of each c/u/r and one copy of the EX and full art. Fell free to make offers, I don't know anything about the price of these cards, only marked some prices of the SR ones according to ebay prices, but you're more than welcome to make offers!
If anyone is so kind to buy all of them, you can take them for $89. (180+ cards including 4 full art and multiple holo!)
Here's a sneak peak, you can find details in my sales post.
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And to mention some gets lately:
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That's for all today, happy holidays!
Suicune Jump

New Alola PC Plush!

I was just browsing ebay and saw an Alolan Ninetales plush. What? Did I miss this somehow?!

Nope! According to this it's brand spanking new news!

The next Pokémon Sun & Moon plush batch will feature Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Ninetales and Fomantis, which will all be released (Saturday) January 14th, 2017. The Centers in Japan will be set a 1,500円 RRP for Sandshrew and Fomantis, while the larger Ninetales will be available for 2,000円.

Taken from
There is more news about a Vulpix campaign there as well.

Squeeeeeeeeee in excitement!! I cannot wait and hope dearly for some pick up offers for this beauty!

Nidoqueen Merchandise??

Hello everyone!! I know I am typically known for collecting Charizard items but I also have another smaller Pokemon collection.. Nidoqueen!

I have a little goal to collect all of the Nidoqueen merch (excluding cards) that exists. Ill get the cards last but Id like the other merch first. The reason why Id like to complete this collection is because I know I will never be able to collect /all/ Charizard merch (there is simply just too much of it) but Nidoqueen doesnt have as much!! She is a Pokemon I adore and Id love to be able to have all official merch of her in my collection <3

This is where you come in to help! If I want all of the official merchandise then I need to know what exists. Under the cut Ill list the pictures of things I already own, and then list pictures of things I dont own but know exists. From there if anyone knows of any merch I dont know about if you could comment saying what it is (or better yet add a picture with it) that would be super rad of you!!

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Looking for Alolan Vulpix Clear card

Hi all,

Hope you all having a lovely Christmas Holiday. I am looking for the Alolan Vulpix clear card that are given out from the Sapporo renewl opening.

Looking to spend about $5 + shipping to Hong Kong.

Alternatively I am happy to trade with my Mega Tokyo/ Skytree clear card if anyone is interested:


Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

As many of you know Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It's the heart of my collection. This year a good number of new Christmas products came out plus a bunch of my stuff from YJ came in. A big thanks to gaarasyami who helped me get alot of these. All of these things will go towards this years Christmas tree display. Anything can be an ornament if you try hard enough. I'll be putting up this years tree once it's complete. I'm very excited to finish it's gonna be my best one yet. Here are all my Christmas gets:

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Help me out? What and where are the snacks that came in this tin??

Hello again everyone! I'm back with more silly questions about Pokemon merch ^~^
I don't have a very sophisticated understanding of Japanese snack foods, but I specifically am looking for a snack food that was sold in a Pokemon promotion, in a beanbag printed tin, a while back...

The tin they come in

Here are pictures of the snacks courtesy of clicky797 THANK YOU!

They were these little ramen flavored corn puffs (maybe??? definitely not chips, and they were salty/savory) that came in little pouches and came inside the pictured tin. Please let me know if you know exactly where I can get the pictured tin containing the snacks, or if you know the type of snack it was and what I can search for to find more of them. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Another update: Is a comparible snack Kyabetsu Taro? I had a friend show me and it's possible that this is the "name brand" snack ...?

Help identifying item and looking to buy one: Pearlescent Banpresto Keychain?

Hi! I recently came across an image of a porygon-z keychain figure. Was wondering if anyone has any info on the keychain set? I tried searching for pearlescent banpresto keychain but did not find any pictures or info on the set where the porygon-z came from. I was trying to find info as well on the size of the figure if it is almost the same size as the regular tomy figure. Hopefully someone from here can help me. Image below is what I found in google:

The most beautiful mega Camerupt you've ever seen!

Hello!!! :)

Today I'm gonna show you Cameron, my Mega Camerupt!!

I was really sad because it was forgotten on OR/AS merch. Mega Sharpedo won a Moncolle figure, but Mega Camerupt no; Camerupt is one of my favorite fire type pokémon, it made me even more sad. Here in Brazil I met an amazing artisan who makes pokémon of polymer clay and this Mega Camerupt is one of her creations! I'm really happy with the final result!

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And how you know, I'm crazy for custom, and my next character to have his own Nendoroid custom is gonna be Maxie! Is really very sweet to see all of his team together!

See you! :)