December 24th, 2016

momozono nanami

❄️ End of the Year Gets ❄️

Hello PokeFriends!

I hope everyone's well! It's been a little while since I've last posted. I've kinda lurked around for the last few months because I wanted to focus on school, but I finished my first semester of law school! ( ^ v^)9 So, it's time for a big ol' gets post.
I may be forgetting some things, but here's everything from the last few months. And, please pardon my hasty phone quality photos ><;

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Thank you for reading and taking a look!
Until next time ^〰^

[One last thing...]
✧*:・゚Happy Haukkah & Merry Christmas!*:・゚✧

Alolan Vulpix plush on eBay?

Hey guys! So Ive been browsing ebay and I keep seeing Chinese sellers listing alolan vulpix for insane prices like $6.99. It says "newly listed 2016 Pokemon Center Alolan Vulpix 8 inch" or something of the sort. Description doesnt claim to be selling authentic ones, just "high quality." All of them have the same pictures so it seems shady.

So could these be real plush (like TTO or factory rejects?) or bootlegs? Are there even any bootleg alolan vulpix out there? Im tempted to order one just in case I miss a good deal bit am scared of bootlegs. If anyone has ordered one from a Chinese seller please show me pics!
Thanks! Merry Xmas! :-)

Merry Poke-Christmas 2016!

Merry Christmas everyone! Just over a year ago I joined this group to help me track down all of the annual Pokemon Center Christmas pins and to share and enjoy the collections of so many Poke-fans. My initial goal was to collect all of the Christmas pins and to start a new tradition of getting each one each year until I'm old and gray and pass them on to someone else to continue on. I've completed that goal. It brings me great pleasure to present 20 years of Pokemon Christmas and many more to come.

And I'm also proud to present this years Christmas tree. It's my biggest and best one so far. Hope you guys enjoy it. And Merry Christmas to everyone.

Collection update + Selling Custom Xatu plush and more

Heyy, I hope everyone is having amazing holidays. ^^
A while ago I said I was expecting something cool in the mail and he has finally arrived!


Wailord Pokemon Time Plush fffshshs he's so cute ;o; I had him shipped to me by surface mail (seamail) from Japan, to save some money. It took a while but he arrived safely! If you're interested in reading about that experience and in seeing some more pictures of him and other stuff I got, please see under the cut! :D

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Other than that, I still have the Xatu custom plush I made for sale! Xatu has found a new home. :)
And I thought I had found a buyer for my Rainbowbox Dittochu plush but they stopped replying, so he's in the market again. From now until January 1st, I'll include one of my custom Ditto beanbag plush for free, for anyone buying Dittochu! More pictures and info/rules under the cut.

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