December 25th, 2016

ISO large eevee tomy plush

Hi guys! Somehow I missed the release of this baby and now it seems like the only ones are super high priced on ebay :( can anyone help me find this MIP for a reasonable price? Thanks guys any help getting or pointing me in the right direction is super appreciated. Happy holidays.

SALES!! free shipping worldwide!

Welcome all! Free shipping worldwide on orders above US$40 until jan 2nd 2017!
I'll place new items in these days :)

Click the link to go to my sales :)
All combinable with my non pokemon sales and always open for trades, you can find my want list in the sales post rules :)
Thank you!

Holiday Rowlet Gets!

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a nice holiday, if you celebrate it <3

I decided to start collecting Rowlet! He's just so... round, lol.
My mother was so kind as to gift me two rowlet plush today!
I placed the two pictures under the cut, in case your computer or phone is slow like mine...

Collapse )
Also I got this really weird mug with mew and pikachu on it from goodwill ages ago, but I'm not sure what it is. I'll make a post about it, maybe tomorrow?

Thank for looking everyone!!
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Lileep and Cradily Figures?


Lileep and Cradily is one of my favorite pokemon in gen 3. Unfortunately, tomy did not release an official figure for these two. Does anyone know of any substitutes for our 2 inch figure collection?

Also, I found this image below on google and was able to trace it to pokemonzone website. It appears to be selling bootleg figures. Does anyone have any experience purchasing from this site? And does anyone from here have purchased their lileep and cradily figures? The image looks good unlike the other lileep and cradily bootlegs I have seen before.