December 26th, 2016

Looking for Hasbro Pokemon Keychains


I'm looking for the following hasbro pokemon keychain figures:

Loose is okay as long as the figure is in relatively good condition. Prefers to buy in bulk from one or few sellers to save on shipping costs. Let me know if you have these for sale. Pictures below are taken from google.

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Name Change, Reintroduction, and Collection Update!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays (or the time off of school/work if you don't celebrate anything). I come here under a new and improved name: zygarde2! I decided to change my name to fit more with my favorite pokemon/my collections, so butterfreeboy is no more!
I've been playing moon and I beat the elite four with my team (primarina, shiny alolan marowak, midnight lycanroc, toucannon, tsareena, and alolan raichu). Did you guys get sun or moon? If so, who's on your team?
I guess I should do a reintroduction since I've been kind of inactive in the community, so here it goes! I'm zygarde2, but you can call my zygarde or b, I'm 17 and I've been obsessed with pokemon since I got my first game and ds back when sinnoh was first released with diamond and pearl. I've been a part of the community since july of 2015, but i mostly lurk and buy stuff rather than posting. I collect mostly plush and figures and my main collections are zygarde/puni-chan, gengar, popplio, sleeping pokemon figures, pokemon petite plush, and the 20th anniversary card and pin promotions. Some of my favorite pokemon types are ghost, water, fairy, and grass.
Under the cut, you can find pictures of my collection so far.
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If you went through my collection, then thank you for looking! I know it was big and long, but my collection has grown a lot since I first joined a year and a half ago.
I'm just gonna put my wants list here since christmas just came and stuff. My biggest priority for wants is the 20th anniversary stuff and the sleeping figures.

Thank you so much for reading!
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fromjapan alternatives as of 2016

So FJ recently changed its policies and a lot of people are getting hit with higher costs now? I haven't imported anything within the last few months, but from reading Facebook comments a lot of people are apparently getting hit with higher insurance/shipping fees etc. Could anyone recommend some alternative middlemans? I know Y!J itself plugs Buyee, but maybe there's some better ones out there now?


Possible group buy for new sun and moon merch?

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a good holiday! I was scrolling through eBay and found these cute sun and moon figures which I would like to make a group buy out of. However, no one has posted about these yet (I don't think) and I wanted to get some of your opinions before going through with it - as I'm worried they may be bootlegs :(

I think these are new tomy figures or something as I saw a Litten one on the Australian eBay site? If anyone has any info please do let me know as I'd love to run a group buy and allow everyone to get these. Personally I'm in love with the Rockruff :D

Thanks guys! Happy holidays!

V-Trainer Question?


I got a couple V-Trainer sets for Christmas (all from the Master Quest era I think). However, I do not have the electronic base to play the game on. If I only have Master Quest ones, does it matter whether I buy the Hoenn base or the Master Quest one? Furthermore, can I use Hoenn V-Trainer figures on a Master Quest base? I can't really find much information about the system online, so I have no idea how user-friendly they are.

Thanks in advance!

(And Happy Holidays! I plan on doing a collection update soon; I got some gets!)