December 28th, 2016

NEW!! American TOMY Pokemon Products 2017

FINALLY, after 4 months of agitation and worrisome hopes, TOMY USA finally has released their 2017 catalouge today! And boy... this is sure a massive improvement!

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I would like to commentate on this, but I'm kinda lazy and these are pretty self-explanatory anyways, I'm super excited for this! Even the plushie lovers would appreciate the choices!

Anyways, take care and enjoy!

(Link for more information: )
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Help! eBay question

Earlier this month, a buyer from UK messaged me, saying he wanted to purchase a Ichiban kuji small mirror that I listed on eBay, but he found no shipping cost listed, he asked me to send an invoice. (At this point the item showed as bought but not paid). I've already put that item under ebay's global shipping program, which should have automatically calculated the shipping cost. I contacted eBay, they said mirrors are restricted items to UK so they re-set the shipping method of the already sold small mirror to "first class package international" and I had no choice but lined up at the post office to ship it.
Ok, today, the buyer messaged me again.

"Hi there, i just received the item but i have some problems with it, it looks used as it has perforation holes on it. The little black dots you can see you can actually feel. My wife isn't happy with this. Is it possible to return it with a full refund on the item and delivery?"

ohhhhhhhhh. This is the first time something like this has happened to me. I'm 100% sure the mirror was sealed in package when I sent it out. My eBay listing picture showed only the box, not the mirror itself. And here's the picture he provided:
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I can't tell if these black dots are a "natural" defect. If so, I would never have known cuz I didn't open the package! Now the buyer is asking for refund. The item cost $10.99 and international shipping $13.5. How should I respond to him?
Do I have a chance to win if he starts a dispute?

Birthday, post birthday + christmas gets. Also looking for something

Hello everyone
It has been a while but school work has been quite rampent recently. Apart from that has everyone had a good holiday, as I had a wonderful christmas but quite a tragic boxing day. Moving onto topic, I had gotten a few plush for my birthday which was before christmas, some post birthday and then some for christmas. Below the cut are they are in that particalr order. My family got the ones that were given to me on my birthday and I thank therm kindly for it.Collapse )
I will answer anyone's questions if anyone has any.
Hopefully 2017 brings a good year to pokemon and to all of us. Not to sound selfish but hopefully we will get a new experience with pokedolls.
At the moment i'm looking for a certain plush out of a select few to buy (for various of reasons) but I'm not having much luck. Not to my surprise really. I guess this is a want list (that if people are happy and willinging to part with).
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Thank you very much for your time reading this.