December 29th, 2016

Real or fake Lugia pokedoll?

Hi guys! I stumbled across a Lugia Pokedoll being sold by a local seller, and I wanted to double check with the experts (ie you lot) on its authenticity, since I've got no experience with old pokedolls. AFAIK, it is the 2009 version and the seller states that it is authentic and she bought it a few years ago. Didn't say where, she doesn't have the hangtags anymore.

It is going to be a very belated Christmas gift for a friend so I really would like to get her something that's legit!

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Thank you for your time!

Edit: Some of the comparison pictures I've been using: (this one could be fake too, its pretty cheap)
Bowtie pig

Original artwork for sale + heads-up for past plush commissioners

Hey everyone! How have you been doing?

I recently finished Sun and Moon and I'm eagerly waiting for cool merchandise of my favourites to pop up (come on PokéCen, I need that Torracat plush) - so I'm pretty sure I'll be giving into all the new merch and bragging about it here soon enough ;D

I've recently updated my store with a few original Pokémon pieces that you can grab below (click on each pic to go to the listing!):

And as always, you can also pick up my acrylic charms there (click on each design to go to the listing!):

And here's my sales info:

  • My sales permission was approved by entirelycliched on Semptember 20th, 2014. My feedback can be found here. All PKMNC rules apply.

  • I ship from Spain, and ship internationally. Given price quotes are for regular shipping - tracked shipping is availabe for 3USD extra. I won't be responsible for lost or damaged items that didn't have a tracking number.

  • All of my items are stored away from smoke, pets, and food.

  • I only accept PayPal. Please don't forget to send your payment as "Goods".

  • I accept trades/partial trades for stuff in my wants list, as long as you have 10 or more feedback.

That aside, I've noticed that a few people have been selling plush commissions I made in the past for over the price I originally asked. I would like people to not do this, as it was originally stated in my commission rules back when I made the items - it's okay to resell my pieces as long as you get at most 70% of its original price in return. That is, if you commissioned a $100 piece, you can sell it for $70 at most. This is because I don't accept profit being made off my work without my consent, so I hope you understand.

Thanks a lot for reading, hope you have a great end of the year! ^_^

Please give this Snorlax a home - Sold thanks!

Hi all,

After several unpleasant incidents with trying to sell this snorlax locally to avoid high shipping, I am trying again in this comm ;_;

Snorlas is the last one prize from Ichiban Kuji from the Pokemon Center Explorers Kuji, he's about 40cm measuring ear to toe so he's rather big. He's new in original bags with tags and all. The sticker on the outer bag is creased but it came to me like this.

B00N9NBKNQ_01DSC_1381 (Medium)
Asking only $15 OBO + shipping ($25 to the US/ Asian countries, higher for elsewhere, tracking include) + fees. Will refund if actual shipping turns out less.

I can ship the next working day once payment is received.

Sales rules:

Thanks all!

Quick sales post (pokebox stoofs!)

Hello there!

I have a few things I would like to sell quickly! They are Pokebox items ^_^ I am at work right now, so I can't provide actual pictures of the things I'm selling. So instead I will offer stock photos (if you would like pictures, I can take some later on when I get home)

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I have one Pokebox Sylveon and one Glaceon coin that will be for sale or trade. I am looking for any of the other Eeveelution coins except the antiqued Leafeon coin, which I have already. Please let me know if you have any leads on them! Here is a picture of each coin:



Here is a link to my permanent sales post as well:

Thanks for reading~

Looking for Pokemon x It's demo Makeup and Skincare, Bulbasaur Keychain, and feraligatr minicot

I know this is a long shot, but I am searching for the pokemon it's demo collaboration items, pretty much anything in the collection, but especially the lip balms/tints and any sort of face product, and makeup bags

I'm looking for pretty much anything in this picture at a reasonable price.

Also, looking for a small Bulbasaur figure that I can make into a Keychain (or just a Bulbasaur Keychain) and the feraligatr minicot figure

Thanks for all your help! :)
Brooke and Jed

Looking for any of these metal figures. Any color.

I'm looking for any of these Pokemon metal figures in any color. I can afford to pay a little bit for each one or buy some as a lot. I just can't pay very high prices for single pieces right now. Don't be afraid to offer them for sale but I may have to turn you down based on price.

I also have a gold Brock/Zubat that I can trade for any of the figures below.

Pokémon Metal Figures: Rattata, fearow, nidorino, nidoking, ninetails, vileplume, growlithe, poliwrath, abra, alakazam, tentacool, tentacruel, ponyta, slowpoke, farfetch'd, doduo, dodrio, kingler, exeggcute, hitmonlee, hitmonchan, seaking, mr. mime, scyther, electabuzz, magikarp, articuno, zapdos, moltres.

I'm also looking for the human metal figures with their pokemon. The ones I need are:

Send me a message or comment below. Thanks.

Ultimate grail want post and Rare LATI GET!

Hi all
Before posting what I get recently, here is a super want post, I know this stuff is extremly rare, but I am really sincere abd searched for years to get them=(
Please, please let me kbow if anyone is going to sell them and if you know anyone own them ><
here you go =D
(Please let me know if this pictures is yours and you dun want me to use it, coz it's hard to find even picture of them)

They are the giant latios and latias released at 2002.
I am aiming to get them around 1500-2500 each, or if you want, I am willing to trade after I get the permission to trade in the future ><
please provide me information if you have ><
Okay, after the want stuff, following is the items that I wanna share with you guys =D
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Hope you'll enjoy this post and if you do have any information about the giants, please, please tell me........><

I really do want them to make my life complete =(

And hope all of you have a great year in 2017! =D