December 30th, 2016

Another update on collection and want post

Hello everyone,
I'm back and I hope everyone is doing okay. Well I only recently remembered that I forgotten two bits of info. I had forgotten one plush out of my collection and one from my want list. Silly me.
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The Genesect, I got it on my birthday when I was out with my friends to celebrate the day. Found it in Game and knew I should of had it. My second plush that is an anniversary plush, first was mew, I haven't seen many at all near me except pikachu and Jirachi. Though, more opportunity will arise and hopefully I can find more than a Jirachi but who knows. Its the fun that is looking for these things.
Right the metagross, I forgot to add it to my want list but had forgotten to. Again silly me. As i mentioned before in my last post how i'm looking for a certain pokedoll (as an example from the list sceptile pokedoll). Not going to get into anymore details than that as the details are already expressed.
Well i'm going to try and start posting to the community and might actually do thst by showing off my little manga collection if thats okay.
If anyone has any questions or wants to say something, please let me know in the comment. Should be noted that this was done on my kindle which only does html.
Edit:Just fixed a few issues in the text and adding some tags. :)
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Banpresto Vulpix Kororin Friends beanbag plush??

Greetings, programs! Hope everyone is having a wonderful end-of-2016 and looking forward to the sweet '17! I'm back hoping someone can help me out with another Vulpix need (I'm seriously falling behind! The Vulpix craze is real, bruh)

Does anyone have this Vulpix Banpresto Kororin Friends beanbag plush for sale OR can anyone point me in the direction of where to purchase one?

I would really prefer not to have to purchase the full set, and so far that's the only purchasing method I've encountered. I'm not interested in keeping Growlithe at all. I'd be ok with keeping Ninetales if that were the case... Maybe someone would be interested in a group buy?

Returning Member Reintroduction (moved to japan!)

Hello community, it has been a while!

I used to be very active in 2011ish collecting glaceon items and doing store pickups. Those were fun times for me, however I have phased out of manic collecting, but I still love pokemon and all things related to it.

I am planning on doing some light collecting, trading things here and there, and most importantly, I've moved to Japan! I have access to all kinds of pokemon related goods that few have access to. I've returned to the community to have a bit of fun here and there, and to offer my services as a store pickup agent!

Since I've been gone for a while, I'm sure my seller's license has expired, so I'm planning on posting occasionally to get some recognition once again.

I've been enjoying Pokemon Sun and love to trade and battle pokemon online. As a Christmas present for myself and my friends back home, I went to the Umeda Pokemon Center in Osaka and hauled back a bunch of goods to showcase! As my first post from a long time, I'll showcase what I was able to buy! Some I will, keep, some I will give to my friends, and some I'll plan on eventually selling :)

Again, hello community, please say hi! I'd like to get to know people here.

From Left to Right:
Alola Raichu Bag Key Clip

Mokuroh's Garden (Rowlett's) key chains

-Fletchinder, Natu, Torchic, Swablu, Pidgey

Team Skull TCG Sleeves

iPhone 6 Case

Alola Dish

Lapras and Umbreon GX

I don't play pokemon, but I'm pretty sure this umbreon is rare. Got this out of 10, 5 card packs!
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new nintendo 3ds ll [jp pikachu yellow edition] for sale!

Alola, friends! I hope your holiday season has been treating you all right. I'm still thoroughly enjoying Pokemon Sun and Moon, are you? This time for sure I'm going to complete the Pokedex and compete in some online competitions!

Anyway, after mulling it over a bit, I decided I want to sell my Pikachu New 3DS LL (JP). I pre-ordered the Amazon bundle with Moon back in July, but I really need the money for more important things right now. I'm hoping someone here might be interested in re-homing it.


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I'm asking $295 shipped for US residents and $315 shipped for international. The bundle includes the following:

- New 3DS LL Pikachu Yellow Edition (Japanese version)
- Sun and Moon starters cleaner cloth bag
- Sleeping Pikachu (Moon-exclusive) cleaner cloth bag
- Pokemon Moon (digital download)

* Please keep in mind that this is a Japanese 3DS, and therefore will only play JP region games!!

The system was removed from its box and powered on once. Factory settings are still in place. The two cleaner pouches are unopened. I'll send you the Pokemon Moon download code with your purchase, either written on a slip of paper in the package or sent through PM, whichever you prefer.

Thank you for looking, and Happy New Year!