December 31st, 2016

Wants and gets that I love! <3

Hello!! :D

My Week was such great because my Sun and Moon finally arrived!
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Now my wants!
I'm trying to get all the Flare/Flarechu items from the Secret Teams collection of Pokémon Center. Now it's missing only two items:

These decotapes (the Stickers I already have, I need only the decotapes)

And These clearfiles. I know it's a set and it's really difficult for someone to sell only the flarechu one, but since they're so cute, I don't care getting the whole set. But I'd love to get only the Flarechu one.

(The images belong to Pokeshopper)

Please help me find them? :)

And a pic of my Jessies because I recieved my Kyun chara about three weeks ago and only had time to make a pic of her now!

Thank you! See ya! :)
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2017 Pokemon Bi-Monthly Calendar Pictures~

Hi, I've been meaning to share these pictures for awhile! I have just uploaded them to my Twitter and Tumblr the past month. I love buying these big wall calendars and here's the link to last year's calendar that I shared.
*please credit / comment if you use my pictures!


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What's your favorite calendar page?

Poll #2060545 2017 Pokemon Calendar

Favorite page from 2017 Pokemon Calendar?


And here's a late picture of Holiday Pikachu and my mini Christmas tree with charms~

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2017 will be kinder to our wallets. ;_;
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Hello, and please help my search

Hi, I haven't posted here yet. So this is a brief introduction and a request for help in finding a few items. Just for some background about me, I began collecting Pokemon related items (mostly plush) earlier this year. I'm 26, but still think of Red and Blue as my some of my favorite games to date. After a long hiatus, I picked Pokemon back up during the X and Y installment. Anyway, little did I know how much of this collecting thing would start becoming more of an obsession. What started out as a goal to track down all life-size or larger Pikachu plush, soon became all life-size or larger Pikachu & family plush, and now it's become a grueling search all life size or larger Pokemon plush. To make matters worse, I'm the kind of person who enjoys in-tact hang tags (preferably not bent, but still attached) - maybe mostly due to the novelty.
To sum it all up, I'm currently looking for these Lifesize Piplup / Pochama and Turtwig / Naetle 1:1 plushes, that were released in 2006 I believe, and manufactured by Takara Tomy. I have found the Pikachu and Chimchar ones already.
Here are some links and pictures of both. Any help in obtaining these, with the hang tags would be immensely appreciated. Looking to spend between $75-90 USD for each, but open to negotiations.

Thank you, and hope everyone has an enjoyable New Year celebration.
Adorable Killua

Revamping the Collection Site Previews!

Hey everyone! Happy New Years! I've got a surprise coming this way in terms of Pokémon and my collection. I've recently purchased some new photography gear and I'm really excited to share it with you! Plus kind of a colleciton update with a side collection I picked up a while ago and never got a chance to show off!

This is kind of a little preview of what I plan on doing with my site, I'm not going to give it all away, but I want to make my site more "sharable" in a sense. I'd like my collections to be references for future collections and collectors! I've been busy with new Tomy photos as well! I'm hoping one day, my photos can be used for wants lists! :D

Currently here they all are together:

Please take a look on the site:

I have holes where I'm planning on adding future Tomy figures, such as the audley Tomy figures of the starters saved in the top, just waiting for them to come in! :D I've been working a bunch so I haven't had time to do a lot of them but so far it's coming along so nicely! I hope to soon do a whole new re introduction to the community here soon with a complete collection update! Anyway, enjoy, and PLEASE feel free to use these photos for wants lists! :D

Alola Vulpix
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Japan PokePlush Sales

Hello PKMNcollectors, I'm sending you all best wishes for the coming new year!

I recently redid my sales website & wanted you to be aware of some of the newest listings I have up right now (*ᴖωᴖ*)

Pokemon Center Mimikyu ($30) || Takara TOMY Alola Vulpix ($30)

I also have a wide variety of other Pokemon Center plush including Dragonair, ChikuChiku Vulpix, Mega Tokyo Limited Pikazard, and more! You can click the logo below to be directed to all my Pokemon sales:

(I have sales permission, my feedback link is here, and all my sales terms & conditions are here)

Thank you all so much!