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Long Overdue Get and Sales Reminder!

I've been hoping to post about this for over a month! At the end of August I got to go to Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions in my city, and it was an absolute blast! I cosplayed as Serena and went with my little brother, and saw a bunch of my friends at the event. It was really special, so of course I got a poster and had it signed! I then went to get it laminated, which was really expensive and took a really long time, but I finally got it back today and will hang it in my room!

Symphonic Evolutions poster photo Symphonic Evolutions poster_zpsqjlk9kop.jpg
Of course I was so excited that I photographed it right when I got home - I didn't even take off the plastic! XD

I haven't hung a Pokemon poster in my room in over 10 years, so I do feel a bit silly, but it was such a cool experience and I'm happy to commemorate it in this way.

Also since it's the spoopy season with my favourite holiday coming up, I wanted to show off my Pokemon Halloween card!

Halloween card (inside and outside) photo Halloweenboth.jpg
The left side is the front of the card and the right is the inside, full of ghost and bat Pokemon! You can find this card in my Sales Post if interested!

Lastly, put up some printable Pokemon pumpkin designs! I already have an idea for a Pokemon pumpkin I want to do, and I can't wait! How do you guys decorate your place for a Pokemon Halloween? (Photos encouraged!) >D

Thanks for reading!

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