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Small Sales!

Anything from here can be combined with items from http://hazel-song.livejournal.com/1202.html! :)

* Sales Permission granted on August 7, 2015 by areica96.
* Feedback

* All community rules apply.
* I will not conduct business with any banned members.
* Haggling is okay, just please don't get upset if I don't accept your offer.

* I have cats, and will do as much as I can to keep them away from the items, but if you are super allergic to animals, I'd recommend not buying from me.
* I live with a few people who smoke, but again, I will do my best to keep the items clean and away from it.

* When asking for a quote or committing, please include your COUNTRY/ZIP.
* Asking for a quote will put the item on a 24 hour hold [unless you tell me you have to leave for a bit]. However, if you do not reply to my quote within this time period, the item will go to the next person interested in it.
* Payment must be made in USD via PayPal. When sending payment, please include your username and the item(s) in the Notes Section.
* Payment is preferred within in 24 hours of committing. I'll hold the item for a few days, unless you make other arrangements with me. (Please Note: Once I give you my PayPal address, if you do not send payment within two days and I hear no word from you by day four, the item will go back up for sale.
-- I WILL change the time period if people are abusing it and taking a long time to pay!)
* Unless otherwise stated, shipping and PayPal fees aren't included in the price.

* Shipping is from Maryland, USA, and I will ship internationally.
* I'm going to have flat rate shipping for $3.50 in the USA and $7.50 for international users. (NOTE: these prices can change if I get a particularly bulky item or if there is a really large order.)
* For flats/cards being shipped in an envelope, it'll be flat rate $1 to USA and $2 International.
* Once the items leave me, I cannot be held responsible for what the Post Office does. (Hopefully there won't be any problems! ;3)

* Please tell me when your item arrives. [Feedback is greatly appreciated & I will be sure to leave you Feedback as well! :) – If there is a problem with the item, please contact me first before leaving negative feedback so we can try to solve the issue!]
* More photos available upon request.
* These rules are subject to change if need-be, and if you have any suggestions/feel any of rules/prices/etc. can be improved, tell me! I don't bite (much ;3) and I'm happy to work stuff out! ^^

• Yamask + Cofagrigus Metal Charm set: $10
• Litwick + Lampent Metal Charms: $8
• Meowstic Card Sleeves: $18

Stamps are $6 each! (or 2 for $10!)
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