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Lets Not Talk About This Experiment Again+Monthly Gets+Wants

As I talked about in my last post.  I decided to try out some transparent clay.  It turned out to be a nightmare.  First off, it really isn't transparent...more cloudy in color.  It doesn't bond well nor does it paint well.  It was mess.  I am positive that I won't use it again after I finish up the pack.

But on a positive, my project turned out a lot better than I thought.  SO come and look on what pokemon figures that I made for my collection.


 photo preview1_zpswzhcpvvk.jpg

Nuzleaf attack!

 photo GEDC0676_zpshrylzteo.jpg

 photo GEDC0677_zpsovq3kycd.jpg

I brought this poor broken Nuzleaf from hantsukihaunter.  His nose was broken off.  So, I decided fix him up and make him my art project for this month.  I talked about on how bad transparent clay with the whole paint thing.  So, I decided to put multiple layers of paint on it.  The leaves broke off numberous times and had to be reglue.  ALthough..in the end, I really liked how it turned out.


 photo GEDC0679_zpsxwbkqdie.jpg

 photo GEDC0683_zpszjpnywyr.jpg

Uh...XD  I have nothing on this one.  Just a Spirtomb...with a cookie.  I think that he is rather happy.  Don't you think?   Tagging j_ule because she wanted to see what I made this month.

Monthly Gets

 photo GEDC0675_zpss1x2inj8.jpg

i got a custom weedle...isn't he adorable?!  His name is Francis.  He is so hug worth and he hang out with little buddy, Acorn.  After talking to several members, I broke down and put Nuzleaf figure from Ebay.  So worth it.  He is so awesome looking.  And totally didn't buy more lego blocks to make a Seedot line pymaid.  Nope..:)  Not me.

 photo wantsb_zpshwzh1lej.jpg

And update my wants and my tradelist with new cards and new TCG wants.  ^__^  So, come and trade me with.

But before you go....I am going to make halloween theme pokemon for myself.  I'm planning to make a weedle in a little ghost costume.  But my seedot...I am tore.  So....poll time!

What Halloween costume should the Seedot have?

Superhero Seedot
Other (IDEAS!)
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