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Happy Monday! Group Buy!

Hello and Happy Monday! I will be placing an order on and I am opening up a Group buy so that International comm members might be able to take advantage of the site; or members who are only ordering very small/light items may save on shipping (I heard it starts at like $5?). My order will already warrant me free shipping so no matter how many people place an order the domestic shipping will be free.

Next order will not be placed until the new kuttari plush, or Vulpix plush comes out.


-I was granted sales permission on 9/24/13 by Allinia
-My PKMNCollectors feedback can be found by clicking here
You may refer to the full list of my sales rules by clicking this link.

How this will work:
-I will charge a 20% commission fee per order with a maximum $10 fee
-There will be two payments:
---Payment one: Item cost + 6% sales tax (turns out they didn't charge me tax!) + 20% commission fee (or $10) + $0.30 + 3%(USA) or 4%(International) = total
---Payment two: Shipping charge ($2.54 and up in the USA or $7.10 and up International) + $0.60 + 3%(USA) or 4%(International) = total
-A great website for viewing shipping prices is here, you'll be looking mainly at first class packages. Typical pokedolls weigh 4oz, Kuttar's 2oz, standard plush 5-6oz, large standard 8-12oz, trainer sized plush around 2lb. Please add 1-2oz for the buble mailer and bubble wrap, a box starts at 6oz and goes up based on size.
-I will not ship in an envelope at this time. Everything must have a tracking number.

Payment one will need to be recived before I place the order.
-There is no limit to the number of orders I will take.
1. deranged_girl: Joltik Card Case, Pikachu, Ph.D. Poké Plush, Perfect Pair Pikachu Poké Plush and Pikachu Fukuoka pen from sales.
2. doomycaffei: Clefairy SB, Cyndaquil SB, Golbat costume Pikachu, Pikachu Intern, Raichu Poke Plush, Grand Opening 3 ring binder, Squirtle Poke plush
-These items have arrived and I am currently packing them.
3. poliwhirl: Cyndquil SB, Swablu SB,
-Order was placed! Should be arriving soon.

The next order will be placed once the new kuttari plushes, or Vulpix plush reaches the site:

Payment Spreadsheet is here

You can combine orders with items from my sales post, which I have lowered a lot of prices on. There is now a $6 minumum purchase, however if you're placing an order on this post than the minimum is waived:
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