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Custom Sales: OOAK Mega Pidgeot Plushies, Halloween Ornaments, & Plushie Eyes

Hello! I spent all of September working on my most massive plushie projects to date and now they're up for offers! Plus, I'm offering my usual round of embroidery sales. :D

Sales permission was grandfathered in at the beginning of the community.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/flag/

  • Paypal only!

  • I ship from the USA

  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom orders to process. I usually complete orders in less time, however I prioritize my Etsy orders and delays such as emergencies and supply orders may occur.
  • Prices include handling fees but do not include the cost of shipping (postage + packaging materials). Shipping prices are individually listed below each item.

  • I will combine shipment with multiple items.

  • I will accept split payments for totals of $50 or more for a 50 cent convenience fee to cover extra fees. I will not begin an order until paid in full.
  • Serious buyers only. Please do not inquire if you know that you can't pay for a purchase. Shipping prices are listed below each item to help determine the total cost.

  • Anybody who commits to a purchase and backs out will be left neutral feedback and banned from my future sales and auctions.

  • I will not change an order once paid for with the exception of adding additional items, which will incure a $1 convenience fee to account for extra fees and time spent keeping the order organized.
  • All pkmncollectors community buying & selling guidelines apply.

  • I live in a smoke-free, pet friendly home (with a cat and dog, and I interact with chickens), but I keep animals separated from my items and I give plush a run-over with a lint roller.

  • Optional shipping insurance is available for USA residents starting at $2.50 and Registered Mail is available to residents outside of the USA at $14.50.

  • For security reasons, I won't send patches or charms through letter mail. Sorry! (Paypal will get mad at me if a package gets lost and there's no tracking/shipping confirmation!)

  • At this moment I am not taking custom commissions outside of what I'm offering in this post.

    Click the image below to be redirected to my offers post for these big floppy Mega Pidgeot plushies! Offers end on October 11, however I accept payment plans that can be paid off on or before October 31.

    Also as per usual- embroidery sales! My Halloween patches are now OOAK Halloween ornaments that can be easily displayed and I made eye patch sets of all the Eeveelutions (and I'm always open to orders for custom eye sets).

    Halloween Ornaments

    (Kids figure for size comparison.)

    I converted my Halloween patches into ornaments that can be easily displayed, and now they're OOAK meaning I will not reprint them. These designs are printed on felt and reach a maximum approximate length of 3.75 inches/9.5 cm and they are mounted on stiff felt with a ribbon that will allow them to be hung up anywhere.
    The ornaments are $10 each and shipping will be $2.50 to the USA or $7.00 to everywhere else. As they are OOAK and listed on Etsy here, I will prioritize Etsy sales made when I'm offline.

    Available: Noibat, Arbok, Haunter, Murkrow, Pumpkaboo

    Additionally, I've added straps to the charms so they can be attached to anything as well! They're approximately 2.75 inches/7 cm at their maximum dimension and are mounted on stiff felt for durability.
    Embroidered charms are $5 each. Shipping will be $2.50 to the USA or $7.00 to everywhere else.

    Available: Noibat x2, Arbok, Haunter, Shiny Pumpkaboo

    Plushie Eyes

    I can make eyes and markings to be used on Pokemon plushies and hats! Each set will be cut out with a fabric edge and will be Sew On style for easy satin stitching. Iron on adhesive backing can be added for $1.00 per set, though is not recommended for use on minky or fleece. These can be used on plushies, hats, and other items made for sale- all I ask for is credit for the pieces used!

    The price is $8 for a set of 2 basic eyes made available to anyone with a 2"/5 cm maximum dimension and up to 4 colors. Larger sizes, dynamic shading & highlights, and additional markings will cost extra.
    Additionally, I can make OOAK sets starting at $15 for a basic pair of eyes.

    I'm selling the below made to order Eeveelution eye sets at $8 per pair or $64 for all 9 sets (essentially buy 8, get 1 free!). Size is standard (approximately 2"/5 cm maximum dimension) and any color can be used. They're also orderable on Etsy.

    Additionally, the below one-off "error" sets are for sale. Sylveon turned out smaller than desired (about 1.6" high), Eevee has an odd stitch pattern (see example), and Glaceon turned out slightly bigger than the intended size.

    I'm asking $6.00 each for the Eevee and Sylveon sets and $8.00 for the Glaceon set.
    Error Sets Available: Sylveon, Glaceon, Eevee

    Shipping for any amount of patches will be $2.50 to the USA or $7.00 to everywhere else.

    I'm also willing to TRADE any of the above items for the following items in good condition (with tags or unopened):

    Secret Base plush: Swablu & Torchic
    My Pokemon Collection plush: Torchic, Blaziken, Charizard, Lugia
    Petit Plush: Altaria, Torchic, Piplup
    Pokemon Center Coffee Cookies tin w/ cookies
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