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Hawlucha collection update + ANA cards sales

Some exciting collection updates|

First, a couple customs!

I visited London a few days ago and while I was there, I hanged out with chariflame. She gave me this super cool Aceo card ;w;

We also sat down and doodled together for a bit, I scribbled her a Ho-oh and I of course got Hawluchas!

This instead is a doujinshi entirely centered around Fighting Type Pokémon. Hawlucha is not a main character but still present :D

Now onto official items... I think. This towel has such a bizarre choice of Pokémon and overall graphic choices, that I think it might be a bootleg.

I still haven't opened it, but it does look huge and well made! (aside from aforementioned graphic choices)
I have no idea how I'm going to display it, but the box itself is super cool.

Stumbled upon a deck of ANA cards based on the Hoopa movie, and tried my luck. A Hawlucha was luckily included! I have put the rest of the cards for sale at the bottom of this post.

This is another amazing and rare find, a HUGE poster from a newspaper! Featuring all new artwork! I'd love to frame this.

I have a few more gets and I decided to only showcase my favorite ones, you can as always find everything else if you visit my website! Click here :)

I also have a few flats for sale.
I ship from Italy. I cannot give proof of shipment since in my country you don't get receipts when mailing out packages, UNLESS tracking is required. If you want tracking, it will cost more.
Shipping is $3 to the States/Canada, $2 for Europe, $3.50 for Australia. Please ask about other countries.
I was granfathered sales permission since 2007
my feedback is here

Each ANA card is $3.

SOLD: Dedenne, Bunnelby, Mega Audino, Mega Lopunny, Latios, Mega Latios, Mega Salamence, Shiny Mega Rayquaza, Pancham, Dialga, Arceus

I also have these two Sylveon chewing gum inserts. Each is $12. Please note they STRONGLY smell like grape gum!
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