Whitney (wobbuwhit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking some (mostly Unova!) kids :o

Hi guys! I'm sorry for the vague request, but this is part of a Christmas gift (I'm trying to get it done early!) and the person I'm shopping for is a member. I'm worried if I get too specific in this one post, he or she might know what I'm up to XD So there are kid figures of a few Pokemon I'm looking for! They are mainly from the Unova region, so if anyone has some kid figures sales and especially if you have a few Unova Pokes, please link them! I can also PM you the specific Pokemon if needed :)

Also, I'm personally after what I think is a new (?) Wobbuffet kid, any clear Wobbu kids, and also the Mega Metagross kid :D Thank you guys!
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