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Hello I'm back with awesome sales and free gifts <3

Hello!! Its been almost two years after my haitus Ive been so longing for my day return to this wonderful community I have accumulated some stuffs which are sold out for quite some times and as always trying to bring you them with awesome prices and not to mention for the first 15 buyers who buys over 25$(not including shipping and fees) will recieve one Korean ver pokemon XY Booster pack for Free!!!
Everthing is like brand new with both tags and JAPAN ver.

And if you are unfamilar with me please check out my 294 postive only feedbacks (click left to check out :D)my pride and joy thank you all those who participated writing feedbacks :^)

-Sales permission granted on 07/20/11 by dakajojo
-Ship from Korea to Worldwide
-I will not sell to who are banned or do not trust me or I don't trust them ( I HATE conflicts period)
- I have recipets ! So if you think your pacakge is lost PLEASE ASK for proofs ! I will show the recipet !!!!!! ;)
So please ask for registered mail if your post office is terrible with mails
However I will try to compensate with partial refund (50% of the oringal vaule which mean not inculding shipping fee)
and we dont give out custom number only tracking number.
- I may be interested in trading. Give me your sales link if you would like to trade :)
-Feedbacks :

What time? Wel it is pokemon time of course!!
Ferrent Pokemon Time plush MWT $34 27
Raichu  Pokemon Time plush MWT $34 27
Ponyata Pokemon Time plush MWT $34 27
Zangoose Pokemon Time plush MWT $34 27

Altaria PokeCen plush MWT X2 $29 25
Salamence Pokecen Plush MWT X2 $29 25
Rayquaza Pokecen plush MWT $49 35 CHEAP!

Wash rotom and Attack and Defense deoxys MWT $26 each! 20

Sawk and bisharp pokedoll MWT $26  20
reast two MWT are $19 each 15

Here we have small ones!! $15 12!! Take a cutie home and to wherever you go :D

Blitzle Pokedoll MWT $26lush MWT
MINI substitute p!! $15 12
Shamin MOMO promotion plush MWT $18

OOPS!! sorry going through~~
Keychain plush MWT are all $15 each 12
Oops socks 23~25cm X2 $9

LED pumkaboo Mint in box!! spice up your halloween with this beauty! $45
Pikachu pouch MWT $15
Inkay Coin purse MWT $15 $12

To the lucky first 15 !!!5 LEFT!!! person who buy over 25$ ♡ Win a free sealed Korean booster pack!!!!

Thank you everyone!

Tags: plush, pokedoll, sales
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