Lila (shaymin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

moving help? + last collection update for a while

hi guys, long time no see?
i need some advice. long story short, i need to be out of my house by saturday, and i'm wondering how some of you go about moving plushies and flats?
i'm currently moving only a fairly short distance, but if things get bad i'll probably end up having to move to utah, which is several states away.

i need advice for flats especially, i've put some of them in card binders and boxed them up but i'm still very low on space here. also, how would you move plushies that have tags without those getting damaged?

and before the mood gets too sad i figured i might as well post some typhlosions here since theyve gotten sooooo big

i'm so proud of them! it's such a great thing to be able to wake up every morning and see an army of my favorite evolution line.

and then my non-collection shelf is getting really crowded lol

i've also made a collection website if anyone is interested

Tags: cyndaquil, quilava, typhlosion
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