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Long time no post -- some grail gets(!!!) & question

Are the MC 2nd generation Entei figures very rare? I was trying to find images of them MIB other than the one on bulbapedia and I struggled. It may just be an issue of keywords, but I am not sure what I haven't already tried ^^; Any information on these would be helpful -- I can't even quite figure out how much they're going for.
This is the one on bulbapedia:

On to some grails

I finally caved and got a giratina pokedoll. It's probably the priciest one I own, but totally worth it. I love the little feets c: And I got a canvas uxie from someone on the comm -- thanks to cardwhale! Uxie is so, so precious.

and their backs.

The Jakks uxie wasn't a grail, but it's also super cute and soft ;u; a lot softer than I expected, actually. The tail has nicely embroidered "gems" which I thought were stickers judging from photos -- nope!

One last grail, which I shipped to my home instead of college because it would be a hassle to lug everything back -- an ILG banette mint with tags. Unfortunately, I didn't save pictures from the auction images, but my father showed me the stuff that arrived through facetime & everything seems to be perfect!

Annnd other gets.. I don't remember if I already posted dialga, but here it is again with a JP entei from polahbear (thank youuu!!)

This little bean was not something I expected to get, but I saw it on creampuffoholic's sales and it's just so cute.

And last, I finally ordered a banette tomy & the mega banette charm set. I only have a few more things I want to collect for my banette collection at this point & I don't expect it will be long before I finish. I'll post a picture of it all together when I go back to my house for the winter.

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