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Small Auctions, sales & custom sculpt slot ;D

Hi! I have a few auctions/sales today. Need to make some money for a package I need shipped from Japan so hopefully you find something you like :)

Also made this Gengar sculpt the other day. Hoping to complete him with a base and maybe another ghost poke like Duskull and hopefully auction him off to a fellow ghost collector :)
I'll be taking on a custom slot and I'm willing to make almost any Pokemon except for a few exceptions like Reshiram since I'd like to do a few more sculpts before taking on more complex Pokemon ^^ the auction will start at $32 and will include a base of course and be around the same size as the Suicune pictured. My sculptures are OOAK and I will not remake them again.

I have some auctions, small sales and a custom sculpt slot ;) click on the link below ^^


Sales permission granted on 8/8/2012 by allinia
I ship from Canada & ship worldwide but shipping might be high depending on where I'm shipping to so please do not bid if this bothers you since I have no control over the shipping rates.
Shipping w/fees for non-flats usually starts at around $8 to the U.S. *international will be more* but I will get a more accurate quote from the post office. I generally ship my items in bubble mailers or a box for added protection.
I accept paypal only
Payment must be made within 48 hrs but I can give a couple more days for high priced items. I am not responsible for lost/damaged items so if you want insurance/tracking please ask although it will be very expensive from Canada.

Pokemon Conquest postcards (really pretty and the gold letters are shiny :)) will start at $5 each

Glaceon and Leafeon Takara Tomy Diamond/Pearl plush will start at $42 each ( brand new with their tags)

Sylveon and friends tupperware container will start at $20

Leafeon canvas starts at $40 (brand new w/tags)

Chikorita canvas starts at $34 (brand new w/tags)

Lugia friends plush starts at $10 (has tush tag)

Sylveon Toyopet watch starts at $140 ( this is extremely rare could not be bought but was available for a very limited time at a Toyota dealership when you completed some kind of survey you were awarded one of the Eeveelution watches at random. Only seen these on the comm twice and both sold for around $250-300)

STRAIGHT SALE: Vee sequin phone charms $18 each (choose from Vaporeon, Sylveon, Jolteon or Umbreon)

Auction will end Sunday October 11th at 11pm EST time. Countdown link is here:

Custom slot will start at $32 ( examples of sculpt I've made pictured below)

Please do not place a bid yet until this is crossed out & threads are up :)

You may now bid :D

Cheers & thanks! Happy Bidding!
Tags: chikorita, glaceon, leafeon, lugia, sylveon
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