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Collection Update! Mini Review! New Trades!

Hello pkmncollectors!

I reorganized a little this morning to make room for new things that I'd like to share. :3 First up is the amazing Snorlax Hammock!

In the package, you get two of each of three Pikachus (a couple female ones in there!) the trees, and the Snorlax Hammock. The sticker on the front has to be applied.

Snorlax is glossy and hollow while the Pikas are matte and kinda heavy. The object of the game is to balance them without tipping over and it is WAY harder than it looks. Overall, I'm glad I picked this set up. It's a perfect little desk game! I saved the box and used it as elevation in my Munchlax/Snorlax shelf.

Added two more #pikachu promo cards to the collection! #pokemon #pokemontcg #pokemoncenter #pikazard #cosplaypikachu

I love these Pikachu cards! :D :D

#Gengarchu arrived today, just in time for #Halloween posts! Keep an eye out all month for this little cutie in my feed having some mischief! #pokemon #pokemoncenter #pikachu #gengar #pokemonhalloween

Gengarchu just in time for Halloween. :3

#Nebukuro keychain! So cute! #pokemon #pokemoncenter #pkmncollectors #pikachu #Snorlax #kuji

The back of the Nebukuro keychain is just as cute as the front :D Thanks again allinia

Got these cuties in the mail today! #pokedoll #kuji #pkmncollectors #darkrai #pikachu #pokemon #pokemoncenter

Awesome Pokedoll figures from herar <3

And this gorgeous little charm from etsy. <3

Here's how I reorganized:

And if you'd like to trade with me I have some new things up. Click the preview to go! :D

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