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Updates: Momiji box, Ghost Pikachu Charm, other sales and a few APE Gets

I've been busy lately... Late notice but my Hiroshima Momiji Manjuu box ends in 4 hours!

The inside of the box is real nice, don't you think? xD

If no one bids, I will continue to sell these! They make a great fall decoration/display.

Click the above image or here to be transported.

~ Sales permission granted on August 1st, 2015 by areica96.
~Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ninetails

~I accept Paypal only
~ All community rules apply, will only sell to community members in good standing, no banned members
~ All prices are in USD.
~ Prices do not include shipping and paypal fees unless stated
~ Please be CLEAR when asking for a quote or being committed (What will shipping be to? vs Can I get/I would like)
~Commitment takes priority over quotes!
~Payment is due 48 hours
~ I will hold items for committed buyers only for up to a week.
~Backing out of a committed sale will result in negative feedback

~I ship from California with USPS and can ship international depending on items and cost
~ I ship within a few days up to a week, if anything comes up I will be sure to let you know
~I am not responsible for loss of packages after it leaves my possession. With USPS, I will provide you with a tracking number. If it doesn't arrive, please let me know though!

~Any questions, feel free to ask. ^^

Second, I still have

Halloween Ghost Pikachu charm from 2012 $18 OBO

More Sales~
Sleeping Fennekin - $75 OBO

Ditto Secret Base plush $22 OBO

Kuji Hand towels Dedenne x54, Logo x1 - $10 each

Kuji Lotion x42 left - $10

Kuji Raichu glass 3 left- $10
Glass jars x3 - $11
Pikachu Dedenne glass - $10

Sealed in capsules Pikazard gacha figures - $10 each Can take pictures of capsules if you want (need to get them out of box)
Flying x2
Sleeping x2

APE (Alternative Press Expo) aka Artistic Passion Experience Gets!

Can you guess the interesting item here?

My Own Bulbasaur Plant! aka Succulent Pocket Monster! I only have to spray water once a month for the air plant I chose. I might check out other plants and switch it out later.

bearprince posted their's the other day. We went on separate days but thanks for telling about these cool Succulent Monsters! They are so cute! I definitely plan on getting more in the future and also going to be taking lots of cute pictures. <3

I sneaked a pic. :x They have bigger versions in wood and porcelain. It was actually their first time selling at a convention and they plan on doing more cons soon in the SF Bay Area. :D

Whimisicott charm for lotad It was the last one and the artist kindly saved it for me for Sunday after I tweeted her about the charm.

Also, squishy Swablu charm from the same artist! I couldn't resist getting it. :3

I got a few more things but you can find that in a future post when I take more cool pictures with my latest gets. xD

Thanks for reading~
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