June 24th, 2017


GETS! Wahooo!

haha so i had a small package come in this week with a few exciting gets!!! i am here to show (brag) you the goodies hehe

Pics of the juicy gets under the cut!

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Also lastly im gunna  just post a sale reminder! i have lowered some prices and i currently still have alot in stock so come take a look!
a pic for attention hehe:

Click the pic or HERE to go to my sales!!

Thank ya so much for looking!

Waiting patiently for the next package to arrive :)

Updated Sales

Hiya everybody, I'm starting to slow down my Pokemon collecting to declutter my room, so that they get some love in their new homes, so please don't hesitate to haggle if you see something that you want! (Please don't be offended if I turn down your offer though.) This is my first batch of Pokemon pals to go, there'll be more in the future! Please note that commitment always gets priority.
A lot of the items I'll be selling are pikachu related, eevees, and fennekins. But there will be other stuff too. With that being said, here's the first batch of items!

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you!

  • kneat5

Introduction and looking to buy!

Hi guys! My name is Jenna, and, well, of course I love Pokemon! A few of my favorite Pokemon are Marill, Snorlax, Growlithe, Bulbasaur, Poochyena, Raichu, Weepinbell, Dratini, Wartortle, Houndour, and Cubone. I had an account here years ago but I only posted once or twice—since at the time I didn’t have disposable income for collecting so I tended just to read posts, but now that I’m old enough to have my own money I figured I’d remake my account and see if I could find anything to spend it on! My work reimbursed me for a couple of meals the other day to the tune of $30, so I was hoping to spend it on some fun Pokemon things! (That means that $30, including shipping, is the maximum I’d like to pay for anything. I’d probably prefer to buy multiple things from one seller too to help keep that down but I guess that depends on what y'all have to offer! Oh, and I’ll be using Paypal to pay, so hopefully that isn't a problem)

My collection is really all over the place, mostly collecting of whatever toys I’ve salvaged from my huge childhood collection and a few things I’ve impulse bought (it’s exciting to see Pokemon things in stores... sometimes it’s too exciting and I buy even ones I don’t need!) Maybe I’ll post a picture of it some day, but it’s not organized enough to do that right now :P

That disorganization makes it a bit hard to decide how to grow my collection, so I think right now my goal is to purchase one piece for every Pokemon I really like. Those pieces will probably generally be Kid figures, since they’re cheap, cute, don’t take up too much space, and, as far as I’m aware, exist for pretty much every Pokemon! However, there are a few other kinds of figures I really love: Sofubi Vinyl DX figure, roller ball figures, V-trainer figures, lock figures, Jay Franco and Sons Playfully Yours vinyl figures, old Burger King toys, and flocked/fuzzy figures. If you have any of these (especially in lots) let me know and I’d love to take a look!

I try to limit how many plushes I buy but I do love those as well, so if you have any particularly cheap ones, especially if they’re of Pokemon I like, I’d love to take a look! Thanks for taking the time to read my intro, and I look forward to seeing some cool stuff from you guys!

(Oh also I know this isn't directly related to the community so if it's not allowed I'll delete it, but if you have Digimon collections/sales I'd love to see too!)

Wanted: Unused Pokemon TCGO code cards (again)

Edit: I've bought enough for now, thank you for selling to me!

Hi! The last time I posted here (I think it was around a year ago), I was looking to buy unused physical code cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Online game. Now, since I started playing again, I'm once again looking to purchase some unused physical PTGCO code cards (not the codes alone or online packs, since that would be against the rules of this community, as well as the rules of the game).

I have reviewed the community guidelines for new rules and ones I might have forgotten, and I'm pretty sure this post is still within guidelines. If I am wrong, feel free to tell me so that I can delete this post. Thanks!

I have decided to come here to look to buy the codes, since it worked out so well last time and I don't have any other vendors that I really trust. To be in-line with community rules, I am looking to buy only from people with active sales permission, and I would like to talk in this topic and not PMs.

Now, for the type of code cards I want to buy (under cut to save room on the community):
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Thanks all!
  • snowby

Plushie Collection Update :)

I got my plushies organized!  :)  I got the idea to organize them by color from the lovely folks here.  I like it,  it looks like a prism.  :)

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Btw if anyone has a good idea about how to display Kids figures and Nendoroids, I'm open for ideas. I haven't been able to find a good way to store mine where I can see them.  :(  I want to be able to get a good group photo of THOSE,  too.

Intro (Collection + Want)

Hello! I'm Brick and I collect Croagunk-- my favorite pokemon! While my collection small at the moment I plan on growing it in the future. (Click here to view my collection!)

As I am a casual collector there's not much I am looking for at the moment. However, I am keeping an eye out for this item here:

(image not mine)

If anyone has it for sale, please let me know! I cannot find it anywhere!

That's all for my first post, thank you for reading!

I found some information about that plush Tyranitar coming out.

Here's something I found.
There was a post here about how that plush Tyranitar is coming out around June, so I've been checking Gamestops (which they're supposed to be out in) and found nothing for weeks.
But this week, I checked, and they said that he is going to be released when Comic Con starts, July 20th I believe, and how they're only going to have a couple at every store, so it's sure to sell.
If anyone has been looking for info on this, here you go! Looks like I've got to wait just a little more.

 Bonus poll.
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