August 1st, 2017

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Weekly Sales Reminder

Just posting another sales reminder, everything is up to date so if its shown its still available. Feel free to take a look if you're interested in anything!


Part 1:
Part 2:

My other sales posts can be viewed here:

Have a nice day everyone. ^^

Mirage Auction Reminder/ What is this Minun?

My mirage auction ends in a few hours. Most things still have no bids so don't miss your chance to grab a rare item!


Click the link to be transported:

Now I got this Minun Plush a few days ago and I'm wondering a) what is it? And b) is there a plusle?

It looks like a bath buddie to me because it has a sponge in it head and the fabric but the tag doesn't say who made it. It just says ninetendo/Pokémon/made in China.

If someone has the plusle (if it exists) I would love to buy her. :)

Update: I found the plusle exists but I still need to find one to buy! :3

Thanks for looking!

...So, did the alolan starter MokoMoko Sekiguchi plush ever come out?

Hi guys. I have a question today!
When these cute little fellas were announced, i was SO excited to grab a fuzzy popplio. However, all the websites I've looked at- still lists the items as "Pre-order", or not at all.

It seems to me, these items have been planned for a July 21st, (or "mid-july" by some sites) release.
I thought, maybe I just missed it? But after doing a little bit of looking, I have not found anywhere that seems to have them instock for sale- aswell as the lack of "actual" photos on google images (just stock photos from what I saw!)

One more thing I really want to share. I did a bit of looking, and I found this mokomoko psyduck plush;

I have never seen it before! It seems to be still "pre-order" stage aswell, but I haven't seen it on any pokemon merchandise news blog recently ?_?

Is there any news on what's up with these plush's release? Thank you!

DIY Backlight Project.

I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for a light for this sculpture. Well, I couldn't really find anything good pre-made, so I made one myself!

It's made from an led light rope I found on ebay, some styrofoam sheets cut to the shape of the piece, Plaster of Paris, and some paints. I cut a groove in the back styrofoam to hold the light in place. I was orriginally just going to paint the styrofoam, but it looked too bumpy. Someone at the craft store suggested the plaster of Paris and it worked great! It's like the stuff you use to smooth out bumps on drywall. I used a piece of felt to cover the light rope so it couldn't be seen through the glass. It's not perfect, you can see in the pictures that it doesn't sit flush against the back of the sculpture like I wanted it to, but the light works really well! I'm happy with it. Pictures:

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Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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An Auction and a Want!

Grandfathered into sales permission with the start of the comm
Feedback link:
Location: USA

I am selling my rare PokéPark vinyl Groudon plushie!
These almost never come up for sale and mine is in great shape, tush tag only.
I sold one just like it for $78 seven years ago... the starting price on my auction is only $45, don't miss this great deal!

And I am seeking these stickers that came with the Okinawa exclusive Arcanine-Eevee cookie boxes!

I have the blue Pikachu sticker available for trade or sale if anyone is interested.

I am still a rather avid Growlithe/Arcanine collector, but LJ has become a bit inconvenient a platform for me, I'm afraid! If you are interested in having a look at my collection posts, I use Instagram to show off my new gets (username lobitaloot).

Thanks for looking!

Store Promo - Looking for People Interested in Humans!

Hey guys :)

I have a shop promo currently running - I'm looking for people interested in commissioning human characters not currently in my store! For this limited time only, all human character prices will be set at just 10 dollars. I do have the right to deny a particular character if the complexity isn't worth the money for me at the moment, but I don't think this will be a problem for most characters. Again, this is for humans that are NOT currently in my store!
The point of this is to expand my inventory of human characters, because the pokemon ratio is much higher. Of course if you're interested in commissioning a Pokemon, I'm always taking those!
Some human characters I'd be especially interested in adding are bad guy leaders and male/female protagonists, but I'll make anyone. This promo also applies to variations of what I have in store - for example if you want a sprite of May, I'll make it as long as the sprite itself is different from the one in the store.

Here are some examples of human characters I've made recently:

You can comment here or message me on etsy if you're interested!

One more thing I'd like to promote is this listing -

You can choose any Pokemon for just 1.50! It's a great way to expand your collection without spending a ton of money. These normally range from 3-5 inches for most sprites.

All items in my store also have heavily discounted international shipping :)

sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013

Thanks for viewing, and here's the link ~

(also, are people getting my PM's? There are like 4 or 5 people who haven't responded in about a week. No rush or anything, but I'm curious if my messages actually got through :o)