August 2nd, 2017

Leafy Madness! Collection update & wants list :D

A package full of Leafy things arrived today so I thought I'd post a collection update photo! The new additions are the kid figure, kuttari charm, sleeping kuttari, zukan piece (ridiculously cute!) & card :D I'm also waiting on the arrival of a Snowball Leafeon, an old-style Pokedoll (actually two.. because after purchasing a TTO I decided to splurge on a MWT! So I'll be selling the TTO when it arrives) and a TTO 2012 standing plush.

Here's my wants list! These items are higher priority, but if you have anything Leafeon for sale that isn't in the above photo/wants list, please let me know! I'm located in Canada, and to save on shipping it would be great to buy multiple items from the same seller but not a necessity. For plushies, will consider both MWT and TTO as long as the plush itself is mint.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day/night!